Peter Welgemoed

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EthnoMedicine Practitioner - D.Emed
EthnoPsychology Practitioner - D.Epp

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20 Years

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R1500 p/Hour


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About Me

The greatest reward so far is when people call years later to say thank you and acknowledging the impact I had on their life. No money can buy such gentle words.

On other occasions during public speaking events, people often ask me why am I not teaching this “stuff” to their children? This request has not gone unnoticed as I continue to share the knowledge I gained over the years wherever I go.

Going forward is a clearly defined path to travel while producing content on various fields of expertise, giving you easier access to great things that I share online.

My Qualifications

EthnoMedicine Practitioner - D.Emed
EthnoPsychology Practitioner - D.Epp

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Teacher of Theological Biblical Studies

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Herbal Health Products
IMDHA Certified Hypnotherapist
Online Shop

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My Career

My career started 20 years ago as a pioneer in the field of Hypnotherapy within South Africa and co-founder of Translife. Over the years my skills and knowledge grew as a Hypnotherapy trainer and running a full-time practice. Perhaps the only person in South Africa who has done several operations in theatre as a Hypnoanesthesiologist.

Soon I attracted the attention of the corporate business world that furthered my career as a public speaker, corporate trainer and conference speaker.

My foundation in life is built on biblical principles. My areas of speciality are biblical studies, theology, Ancient and Biblical Hebrew, Greek and of course history which I have been studying for 30 years. Although I am not in full-time ministry, I am a qualified Pastor and teach biblical studies.

Not only did I study several subjects throughout my life, but I have also been involved in various industries as an Entrepreneur, Business Architect as well as a Corporate Executive. What I offer my clients is not only book knowledge but knowledge gained from experience in the real world with achievements that include two national sports titles, international sales awards, radio and television appearances and more.

I no longer run a practice where I consult with people. Instead, I share a wealth of knowledge through various online platforms for you to learn from.

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My Articles

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This is my 4th article
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Contact Details

Country: South Africa
Area: Flamwood
Romote Offices: Namibia
Phone: 0839892611

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EPASA Practitioners only section. 

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