Frieda Garvie
EthnoMedicine Practitioner D.Emed
EthnoPsychology Practitioner D.Epp

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EthnoMedicine Practitioner D.Emed
EthnoPsychology Practitioner D.Epp


Honey wound healing - note: there is a process of how to apply the honey to the wound. In other words, not just any honey can be used and the wound expected to heal. Honey and Herbal Tonics, Daily Bread vitamin and mineral Tonic


Herbal medicines/tonics/products; Raw honey/honey products

NATURE’S FARMACY My products are labelled “Nature’s Farmacy” because I grow many of my own organic herbs, use honey from my bee apiaries (beekeeper). I work as closely as possible with nature to align the body back to harmonious good health. Natural healing in not an overnight quick fix, it is a process of healing the body in line with the body’s unique constitution – hence working on the mind, body and soul are important aspects of the healing process. Herbal products for patients, where possible, are prepared in my Herbarium, otherwise obtained from ethical outlets.



EPASA Certified Ethno Medicine & Ethno Psychology Practitioner 2012

IRENIC Certified Iridologist (diagnosis through the eyes) 2012

Patsy’s Potions Herbal Course 2009 (Patsy Vergeer, deceased) : botany, identifying herbs, which parts of the herbal plant to use, making herbal medicines, oils, creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, soaps and many other products.

Since early childhood I have always been intrigued by nature and its ability to assist the body to heal itself. I have also acquainted myself by reading up on various natural healing disciplines, e.g. Ayurveda (Indian), Unani Tibb (Arabic), Chinese medicine, African herbs, as well as Egyptian medicine – did you know that 2400 year old honey was found in the Pyramids, which was still edible!



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EPASA Practitioners only section. 

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