Why don't we do healing for ourselves?

Dr. Trudie Bartholomew

How many healers do healing for themselves?

Why is it that we use all the tools we have to make it possible for others to heal, but we don’t do it for ourselves? Is it perhaps that we don’t believe that we too can heal?

I was very involved with healing in the church for many years, and visited especially cancer patients in hospital.

One day, many years ago, I was asked to visit a man in hospital, who they thought was busy dying from a bleeding stomach ulcer. The family already started making plans for his funeral! As I was talking to the man, I put my hands over his stomach area, and as usual asked to be used as a channel for the healing, as taught in Esoteric Healing. When we do this type of healing, linking the soul, heart and third eye, a stream of warm energy immediately flows into the hands, and we become the instrument to send this healing to the ‘dis-eased’ part of the body.

When visiting the man the next day in hospital, I was surprised to find his bed empty, and the first thought was that he passed away. It was quite a surprise to discover that he was in the smoking room with other patients, happily smoking again.

This instantaneous healing lasted for approximately three months, and he was then once again very ill, suffering from the same symptoms. We then started with hypnotherapy and age-regression work. As he was very religious and apprehensive about hypnosis, we used prayer to achieve an altered state of consciousness, which often happens while we pray. It was thus easy to do the regression work, but unfortunately we cannot force anybody to continue any therapy if they don’t wish to co-operate and keep their appointments.

All practitioners and healers go through times when they feel that they failed, where a patient/client cancelled his appointment, or simply stayed away, and then commits suicide, dies or go back to his old lifestyle. This is particularly true in the case of therapists working with drug- or other substance abuse patients. Needless to say that these feelings of failure can cause fatigue and depression for the therapist, but often the substance abuse patient comes back for therapy, and the therapist can see the positive effect of therapy done earlier. Thus, we cannot force the pace of another person’s healing.

True healing can only happen when the person’s soul is involved. Many 'instant' or 'miraculous' healings don’t last, and the person feels utterly demoralized of “let down by God”. He may even feel guilty because he did not have the “faith” to accept the healing, and the “will” to hold it in the body. True healing is different, as it requires the person to make changes in his life, and do what the soul wants, not the personality that is trapped in a physical body.

The healing comes from within, and usually involves a whole new pattern of thinking; a change in lifestyle, which includes proper eating habits, exercise, meditation and a change in recreation and entertainment. Many of our problems are due to the fact that we don’t understand the value of proper nutrition. We cannot know everything, and therefore should make use of people specializing in certain areas; thus visit a nutritionist to find out what you should or should not be eating.

A pharmacist told us a while ago that her profession is very frustrating and demoralizing, as she sees all the patients taking so many pills, and keep on coming back month after month for the same medication or even more, without healing. She is planning on changing her career, as she ‘knows’ that there must somewhere be another method of healing, and is now studying Hypnotherapy. We know that by eliminating the cause of the emotional or physical disease, we will no longer be treating the effect. However, 90% of the responsibility lies with the client, who must be prepared to change his lifestyle.

We often see how people visit all kinds of therapists; spending huge amounts of money to find a way of making themselves feel better. There is great value in the alternative modalities, but they must work in conjunction with removing the cause of the dis-ease, and a positive change in lifestyle!

The physical body is simply a vehicle for the soul to use for a certain period of time to achieve a specific goal. Your soul-contract may be to write a book at late age, become a healer, a teacher, a helper or a leader bringing about huge changes in a country, community of even worldwide. But, by neglecting and not caring or loving your physical body, you may become very ill or die before your contract is fulfilled. This is a waste of time; not only of your own, but of all other souls and human beings who were part of the plan which involved you, for a specific outcome.

We can go back in time during age regression and re-visit our soul contracts. They were usually made while we were in spirit form before incarnating in the current life, or they could have been made thousand or even millions of years ago. In many cases where the contract has not yet been fulfilled, you may not be permitted to see what was planned for this life, as it could influence your action in a negative way.

For the same reason we should not overindulge in alcohol, drugs, smoking, overeating and anything else which can harm the physical, astral or mental bodies.

The effect of excessive smoking on the astral body after death is remarkable. The astral body is so filled with poison that it stiffens under its influence that it cannot work properly or move around freely. For quite a while, it is as if the person is paralyzed; although he can speak, he is debarred from movement, almost entirely cut off from higher influences. It is only when the poisoned part of his astral body wears away, that he can emerge from this unpleasant predicament which he caused for himself.

After physical death our consciousness lives in the Astral Body for some time, depending on the condition of the astral body at the time of death. The Astral Body is also called the Emotional Body. It is the body in which we move and sometimes find ourselves flying in our dreams. There are seven levels of the Astral Plane, the lowest or seventh being the most dense. After death the desire-elementals re-arrange the particles of the Astral Body with the heaviest and most dense astral atoms on the outside, causing an attraction to the corresponding levels of vibration on the astral plane. Thus, whatever we put into the Astral Body while alive, determines where we end up after death.

We do however not stay in the Astral Plane forever; only until the heavy particles attracting us to earth-life are somehow neutralized and we can move on, to a higher plane of spiritual life, called ‘devachan’, a higher heaven. This is a place of bliss and devotion, a wonderful way in which God created nature to make our transitions easier. While a person is on the astral plane, he can be contacted by people and clairvoyants, but not when in the higher heavens, also called the 'lower mental plane'.

During the being’s stay on the lower mental plane, he is totally wrapped up in his own thoughts, with images of his loved-ones around him. The higher-self, also called the 'ego', resides on the higher mental plane, a heaven higher than the lower mental plane. At this stage the higher-self can sort of put a part, or link of himself into the images available to the person on the lower mental plane. We thus see only the best part of our friends, family or loved ones; we see them as they really are.

When the soul is in this place of rest, he can only contemplate the last lifetime, and does not have access to the fuller picture or totality of all his lifetimes. But, he also does not know about the sorrows and failures of those on earth, as he now sees only the love, beauty and purity of who they really are. He cannot be contacted by them, and he cannot contact those in physical or astral bodies.

In the meantime the Astral body disintegrates as the Physical body disintegrated after physical death. We can call this the ‘astral death’; the astral body is also just a temporary vehicle.

After a while spent in the lower mental world, the person moves on to the higher mental plane, where he has total memory of all lives, and can, as the ego, plan the next incarnation. All memories of time spent in the physical, astral and mental bodies are not lost, but recorded in the physical, astral and mental permanent atoms; almost like writing it to the database of our life. The higher mental plane is a place of bliss and absolute beauty; nothing evil or selfish can exist here.

When we come into the next life, we do not bring the addictions with, as we have brand new physical, astral and mental bodies, but we bring the ‘seeds’ of the good and bad experiences of the past with. It depends on the opportunities, environment, and stimulation offered to the child by the parents, mainly from conception to the age of seven, as to which of the seeds will ‘grow’ in the new bodies. It is possible for the addictions to become a problem again, should the seeds be stimulated by the surrounding influences during early childhood.

We do, however attract the same astral and mental 'elementals' from our previous life; the beings that form the emotional and thinking bodies that we now use. This is part of our 'karma', as we inherit the very same elementals that we 'spoilt' in previous lives, now demanding again to be fed what they are used to. Now we understand why great teachers such as Jesus and Buddha, walked amongst us, trying to teach people how to change their habits and way of thinking.

These 'elementals' are right through our bodies, as our physical, emotional and mental bodies are all interlinked, and we thus have another opportunity to educate these millions of lives entrusted to us, by creating the discipline within ourselves to no longer feed the selfish needs. This is actually what evil is; the evil within ourselves that we created.

Annie Besant wrote an interesting book on Alcoholism in the early 1900's, explaining how we pass on alcohol drinking habits to the next person. As cells die off in our bodies all the time, the life of those physical cells also have an etheric, astral and mental equivalent in the other worlds. As the etheric part is actually still of part of our own blueprint, we become karmically responsible and connected that that which we send out into the world. These elementals, drenched in alcohol, and spoilt by us to satisfy their very primitives needs, then simply move on the someone else, and they experience the need for fulfilment of the needs of these elementals.

In our Basic Hypnosis Course, we already start educating healers to understand the 'other worlds', and how our bodies are made up by the various 'vehicles' that our souls use to travel and work in other dimensions, while simultaneously trying to cope with the limiting physical body in which we manifest, in a very complex physical life.

This does not only apply to addictions, but to any other habits, vices or virtues. Parents thus have a huge responsibility to ensure healthy physical, astral and mental bodies for their children during pregnancy and the forming years. Many physical and emotional problems are caused by the programming or the perception of the small child. Let’s look at an example of the overweight person. The cause could be one, or a combination of the following events: rejection, sexual abuse, forcing the child to eat all the food on his plate, creating the habit of eating fattening non-nutritional foods, filling the emptiness or sadness with food and more.

We see again, that by simply seeing a therapist for healing, whether it is reiki, healing, balancing the chakras, counselling and other modalities, no healing will be permanent unless we find and eliminate the cause of the problem and change the way we think, eat and live!

My healing in hospital twenty years ago:

As is the case with many other therapists, we do not apply the healing to ourselves, thereby suffering unnecessary.

I have been in hospital many times over a period of thirty years to receive treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, which consists of corticosteroids intravenously administered for 5 days. Usually my body does not like the drip, causing inflammation around the area where the medicine enters after only a few hours, and the drip has to be moved to another location in the hands, sometimes twice a day.

During treatment this month, the site of the drip became sore, red and inflamed after only a few hours and I decided not accept the discomfort. I asked for the healing, and used the usual method for healing. While moving my right hand over the affected area, not touching the hand, the energy under my hand felt like corrugated iron. Part of the method is to keep the other hand over the affected area until it feels smooth and cool.

To my amazement the swelling, redness and discomfort disappeared within a few minutes, and the left hand became even cooler than the unaffected right hand.

Furthermore, I used self-hypnosis and suggested to the veins that it is okay to let the chemicals in, blessed the chemicals and guess what … the drip lasted perfectly for the full five days. I also suggested that there will be no blue marks, and when the drip was removed, only a small little mark remained where the needle pricked the skin.

I asked myself why I did not do this long ago?

You may ask why I still have MS if we could do regression to eliminate the cause? Sometimes there are soul decisions and reasons why we have a specific type of physical body for a lifetime. Although we can heal many physical and emotional effects in the physical body by eliminating the ISE (initial sensitizing event), there could be karmic or other reasons unknown to us.

This does not mean that we must accept our fate and stop living. The use of hypnosis made it possible for me to live quite a ‘normal’ life up to now, despite the physical discomfort. Looking back now, MS symptoms started in my early twenties, but meditation, determination, self-hypnosis, a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook on life, helped me to even run the Comrades Marathon and complete hiking trails like the Fish-river canyon and Nauklooft mountains in Namibia. Despite the fatigue and vision problems which most MS people experience, I am still studying, teaching and see everyday as a new challenge, filled with blessings and new opportunities, making a difference in people's lives.

When i discovered the value of good food, and the elimination of Gluten, Sugar, and especially dairy, everything changed over the last 10 years. Although the genetic pre-disposal is still there for an auto-immune disease, eliminating foods and allergens that trigger an auto-immune response, allows one to lead a normal life.

Most  disease, such as Arthritis, Diabetes, Chron's disease, Thyroid problems and many others, actually have an auto-immune link, and can absolutely be controlled, by developing the discipline to eat three healthy meals, and use herbs that eliminates gastro-intestinal problems. Once we can digest our food, heal the small intestines, we can absorb the required vitamins, minerals and amino acids that the body requires.

Some people give, in a very special way, much more to humanity than they can ever receive in return in the current life.

The things that we do in selflessness, asking nothing in return for the self, creates positive effects in the substance of the highest heavens, therefore it is not possible to see the fruits in the dense atoms of the physical plane.

It is however built into the permanent atoms and are seeds in the new physical, astral and mental bodies of the next life, or possibly a lifetime thousands of years from now. If you feel that you are not being compensated for your little deeds of unconditional love, understanding, sacrifice and goodwill, just carry on and let it go!

The reward is so exquisite and special, that it is kept for you in a place of beauty and bliss beyond our imagination and comprehension, much closer to the heart of God.


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