(Part 1)

by Dr. Trudie Bartholomew


Many people have a dream to become spiritually ‘enlightened’, or as it is called in some modern literature, ‘ascend’. But what does this state of perfection mean, and is it really so romantic?

Ancient wisdom teaches us that there are some steps in die advancement of the soul. These achievements are called ‘initiations’. People have many different types of initiations, as we find in Reiki Practitioners, Traditional Healers, Free Masons and many other organizations, which should not be confused with ‘Initiation’ on the path of perfection towards ‘at-one-ment’ of the soul.

It is not possible to achieve this state of perfection by undergoing a treatment of any kind, for example Reiki. Nobody can ‘do’ and initiation for you; in other words, ‘initiate’ you.

Initiation is something that you have to do yourself. It is a growing and striving towards perfection which comes from within, into your own Soul, which already has all the beauty.

It takes millions of years for the human soul to reach the stage of Discipleship on it’s way to becoming a Master. During this process we first pass through many, many years of involution as part of a group soul, all the time going deeper down in density, from the very light dimensions, down to the physical plane of existence. These planes are called the Adi, Monadic, Atmic, Buddhic (Intuitional), Mental, Astral (emotional) & Physical planes. Our spirit (monad), resides on the Monadic Plane, and only a very small part of us, a string of consciousness, comes down into involution. The larger part of the monad stays on the monadic plane.

Then, after millions of years, the fraction of consciousness starts the long path of evolution up through the three elemental kingdoms, the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdom, still as part of a group soul. At some stage, when the mind starts developing, the animal moves out of the animal group soul and through a process called ‘individualization’, joins the human kingdom. After individualization, he becomes a human being and has a ‘soul’ (also called the ‘ego’ or causal body), which is like a database on the higher mental plane. Various processes take place on the higher mental plane, where the ‘chalice’ (Egoic lotus) is formed. The Egoic lotus consists of 9 ‘petals’ plus 3 hidden ‘petals’ (vortices), enfolding the ‘jewel in the lotus’, where the monad (spirit) is anchored.

These petals open one by one over many, many years as we grow as human beings. They cannot be opened by anyone else, and certainly not through instant methods of meditation, massage or ‘initiation’ by another person. There is certainly no ‘short cuts’ to open the petals and becoming one with the higher part of ourselves. It can only be achieved through the experience of living! Living is not always easy, as we create a lot of karma on our way, and simply living through life’s lessons, gaining experience, is not easy.

First we have to open the outer layer of petals, called the knowledge petals, then the next layer of love petals, and lastly the sacrifice petals. It is in the same order that we go through life, first gathering knowledge of the physical, then we develop love, and through serving humanity the sacrifice petals are opened. Lastly the three hidden petals are opened, and the causal body can disintegrate, enabling us to start functioning on the next plane of existence, called the Buddhic (Intuitional) plane.

Again, it seems a very romantic thing, but it brings a lot of responsibility. Why? Because, all of a sudden your Solar Angel, who has been like a mother-hen to you for millions of years, leaves, to continue his own evolution. The Solar Angel provided a ‘womb’ for you out of it’s own substance, to grow like a fetus and one day be ‘born’ again as an Adult on the Intuitional Plane. The Solar Angels have been through the earthly experience and are more advanced than us. To provide this ‘service’ to earth’s humanity is a sacrifice for them, but also part of their advancement as souls. Some of us will also in the far future do this for younger souls; thus, we need the experience of earth life to understand humanity and the challenges of climbing up the ladder to perfection.

We have seen during regression that some people lose their ‘keys’ and secrets. In the beginning I had no idea what it means, but understand now how we receive these keys. It is only as the inner petals of the Egoic lotus starts unfolding that we are presented with these keys, opening us to a new level of understanding.

This goes hand in hand with Initiation. The knowledge petals are on the outer layer of the Egoic lotus. These petals open first as we go through the first part of experiencing life, while gaining knowledge of all sorts. The next layer consists of Love petals, which are more difficult to open, and lastly the inner petals, which are the Sacrifice petals.

All the time, as the petals open, new energies come through the petals (vortices), until at last the hidden three petals around the ‘jewel in the lotus’ can open. This is where our Monad (spirit) is anchored.

We don’t have much literature written by people who have been through this experience in modern times, but we know that it is an extremely difficult period for the person in a physical body, due to the high frequency of energy suddenly flooding the cells of his bodies. At some point you may hear a sound, much like a huge drilling machine in your head, your body burns up and you see flames whenever you close your eyes. You can feel the power of the Kundalini energy running up your spine, you don’t sleep at night, as you see Angels, Demons, experiences, memories and your consciousness scrapes the tar of roads, and shoots up to the heavens. It is like peeling an onion, all the time clearing and burning up the dross in your subconscious mind.

But one day, when you cannot stand the pain that feels as if someone is cutting every part of your body with a blade, the rushing of fire throughout your body which is burning up, you may hear a sudden loud noise like thunder in the back of your head, and heaven opens!

You may see triangles within triangles, all filled with golden light which floods your body, mind and soul, and you know that you are love. From this point, the person finds it difficult to function and be confined within the limitations of the physical body, as his consciousness is all over the place. You may pass a beggar in the street, and he becomes part of your consciousness; you may kill a mosquito out of habit, and the force of this tiny life’s death floods your own body. You could find yourself driving your car, and at the same time sorting out conflict in a company! What part of us is doing all this?

The bible says that you will be judged according to what you know. If we could put this in more esoteric terms it means that your Karma is calculated according to what you know. Maybe it is can be demonstrated as 1-to-1 for the very young soul going through his first initiation, learning how to care for the body and physical things, and let’s say 8000-to-1 for the person who can function on the Buddhic (intuitional plane) or higher dimensions. This is simply so because, as your consciousness expands, so you become more part of others, and they become part of you. Thus, what you are doing to others, you are doing to yourself, as well as to all others that come within your field of existence or expansion of consciousness.

The higher up we can function, the larger our consciousness becomes. We are told that Jesus’ aura can fill the whole earth; thus he can perceive every prayer and deal with many people at the same time. Once you can function on the higher planes of existence, called the Fiery Worlds, you are called a Master of wisdom. Many masters can create a body at will to appear in the Astral, Mental or even physical worlds should the need arise and he has something urgent to do. So, the old story that our parents told us, that the beggar which you give a ‘choke-off’ can be Jesus/God testing you, could be true!

There is a diagram which illustrates what happens at each initiation. Our level of understanding grows. In the beginning, when we first become a human being, we have very little understanding. In hypnotherapy language, it means that we have very little ‘critical faculty’, with almost no experiences stored in our physical, astral and mental permanent atoms (almost like a computer-chip), to compare past experiences in order to evaluate a new experience. Thus, people can do things with no ‘conscience’, as they don’t have a huge ‘database’ of human experiences with which to compare new experiences.
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It works like this: when we are experiencing something, the ‘critical faculty’, being part of the conscious mind, like a ‘search engine’, will search our database (subconscious mind) for an experience which is similar to what we are going through now. If it finds a corresponding record, it will ‘download’ the emotions and a physiological response, and we experience the sum-total, or compounding of these past experiences throughout our physical being – physically, emotionally and mentally. This may trigger a psychosomatic disorder like a migraine!

The newborn baby is in a very difficult position, as he is temporarily cut-off from his main ‘database’, which is in his higher mental body or chalice. It is much like unplugging an external drive from the main computer. He has nothing in his new ‘external hard drive’, or blank subconscious page, with which to compare new life experiences and emotions. The critical faculty only becomes active around the age of seven, which is the time when his higher self, his soul, takes charge of his lower vehicle, the struggling newborn personality. Only now can the critical faculty start operating, and the child can react, based on past experiences, many of which he can’t consciously remember, but it is stored somewhere in a permanent atom.

There are some human beings who only came over from the Animal kingdom only 700000 years ago, when the door from the Animal kingdom to the human kingdom for animals to individualize in mass, was closed for this period of our evolution. Some animals can still come through and become human beings through love, intelligence or cruelty. This is allowed due to some advanced beings not having to incarnate again after achieving Mastership, as the gaps have to be filled!

Of course, the more lifetimes we have had, the more information will be in our ‘database’. This includes knowledge, love and understanding.

At the first Initiation, we have 10% understanding, meaning that we have 90% misunderstanding. As our consciousness expands, as illustrated in the above diagram (Figure 3), so our understanding grows.

When we have only 10% understanding, we will notice how people argue around us, hurt us, gossip, steal and other difficult things happening around us an in our families, but we simply don’t understand why it is happening.

At the second Initiation, we may have 30% understanding, and 70% misunderstanding. At first you don’t understanding, and suddenly one day comes the moment when you understand! Now we can understand that there is a reason why the people around us behave in a certain way.

We have 60% understanding at the third Initiation, meaning that we still have 40% misunderstanding. At this stage we can see the reason behind the people around us behaving the way we do. This initiation and level of understanding is related to groups. Now it is becoming a bit easier to handle life, because we are developing the mind. Our consciousness is now expanding into the higher parts of the Mental plane. Although it sounds exciting, it causes quite a change in energy in field around our heads, and as we see in the diagram (Figure 3), the field of our consciousness grows larger.

At the fourth Initiation, we start seeing the purpose of people actions and things, although at the beginning, as we start functioning on the Buddhic (Intuitional) plane, it is only at an infant stage. Yet, we may have something like 80% understanding at the 4th initiation, and still 20% misunderstanding.

Once we pass the 5th Initiation, we will have 100% understanding. This makes you a Master.

The next initiations will be the fifth, sixth and the seventh, eventually allowing us to expand out consciousness and be able to move our consciousness outside the ring-pass-not of our solar system.

The more you understand, the healthier you become. After the 5th Initiation, a person has conquered all hindrances and barriers that were standing in his way to achieving Universal Consciousness.

Although it takes a very long time to pass through these initiations, there comes a time that we have much more light than darkness within us. When we have 10% understanding, it means that we have only 10% light, thus have 90% misunderstanding or 90% darkness! In other words, instead of only 10% beauty, we could all one day be 100% beautiful. Unfortunately we have to work at it; nobody can just quickly ‘initiate’ you to have 100% light, beauty, love, clarity of mind, knowledge and understanding.

It is something worthwhile working for. Image the freedom of not having to incarnate in a physical body; no need to earn a living to have money for food, no industries, building noise, factory pollution, traffic jams, electricity bills, rubble, slander, gossip, fighting and physical disabilities!

We can now see why we cannot achieve all this in one lifetime. It would be an unfair ‘God of Love’ that creates a human being with so little intelligence that he can’t write his own name, and on the other hand a brilliant Einstein! Remember, even Einstein was once a new human being, struggling to understand, with 90% ‘misunderstanding’.

It is only when our consciousness is expanded to a certain degree and we have worked through our emotions that have been accumulated over many, many years, so that our centers (chakras) are all nicely opened up and the Kundalini energy at the base of our spine can freely move up the spinal column to the head centers, that we become an Einstein! As long as we have anything blocking this flow of energy, our bodies will remain ill, as the chakras are points of energy for prana (electricity), are blocked, and cannot let the energy through to vitalize our physical bodies.

We often hear a person saying that he is an ‘advanced being’ or a ‘fifth degree master’, but we cannot see signs of such advancement in his personal life. The same person may write nasty letters, gossip, steal, slander, have no patience with lesser evolved people. This is a sign that he nowhere near the higher initiations!

Nothing evil can exist on the higher planes of existence. This is the reason why people ‘lose their keys’. These keys are handed to us at a ceremony as we open up the inner petals of the Egoic lotus, and we are permitted to have access to higher knowledge. It is not just given to us on a plate. We have to be able to love unconditionally, have no judgement, serve humanity, and amongst many other things, be detached from material things. This does not mean we have to be poor; we need money to enable us to do our work on earth. The only reason why some advanced people are poor, is because they limit their abundance through wrong thinking and wrong mental programming.

As we go through initiations, so does our efficiency increase. At the first initiation, people are not very efficient. Advanced people often cannot understand why others just can’t get things right. It takes much longer from some people to complete a task, simply because they don’t have the expansion of consciousness or rather the ‘understanding’ of a whole lot of skills that the more advanced being has accumulated through many lifetimes.

Efficiency is thus a sign of advancement. The more advanced we are, the more efficient we should be, the more our life and environment should be in order and the less chaos we should have around us. The problem is that even very advanced people fall into the trap of trying to sort things out from the outside to the inside. It should be the other way around; we should sort things out from the inside to the outside, meaning that we should go within and find the answers. As we find the answers inside and be reminded of the knowledge and knowing within, we can manifest the order in the outside world.

Initiation is gradual process of growth. Each initiation has a whole series of smaller initiations, almost like ripples in a pond, all the time circling out further from the centre until it either reaches the shore or at an earlier stage smooth out at the edges. One initiation flows into another, all the time giving us opportunity to overlap between the physical and the spiritual; the success depending on the choices we make. We have a free will to choose, and often this very free will is what causes a delay in our advancement towards finally overcoming all the barriers and be free from the wheel of incarnation, to be able to see and experience all as a whole and all as one.

Because of our separatism, we separate earth and heaven, thinking that ‘one day’ we will be on the ‘other side’. It is not necessary to wait until we leave the earth plane; we can already experience both worlds here in physical form, once we have clear thinking and clear observation which is not mixed with hatred anger and ego in a life without light and love.

Remember, it is not what you do, but how you do things! The whole idea behind our visits to different earthly lives is to learn to master our body, brain, environment and circumstances and develop patience and perseverance. All the time accelerating our speed, like changing gears when driving your vehicle; first you start off in first gear (1st initiation), putting a lot of pressure on the engine of your vehicle, but as you glide into second gear (2nd initiation), things are a bit easier, but you face more challenges. Like driving your vehicle, you now have to focus on more things around you as you are driving much faster; in other words, become more efficient.

Once you change over to third and fourth gear, you have more responsibility, as you now need more efficiency, focus, concentration and experience to keep your vehicle safely on the road, and also to ensure that other vehicles and people are safe as you are driving at a much higher speed. This is why your efficiency and awareness has to increase as go through the 3rd and 4th initiations, and especially through the very difficult crisis point of the 4th initiation that Jesus demonstration at the crucifixion. If this could be compared with driving your vehicle at a higher speed, you are nearing your destination, getting closer to the divinity within you, otherwise you will not be able to create.

At this stage you will need unconditional and non-judgemental love to assist a person to change from being a drug-addict to a genius, or assist a person to rise out of severe depression to a point of taking up his responsibilities and lead a normal life.

We create a thoughtform on the higher mental plane, thus unconsciously employing the devas (angels) of various ranks to assist us in building the picture of what we want out of the substance that makes up the bodies that exist on that plane of existence. Many thoughtforms die due to lack of will on the side of the creator of the thoughtform, and if there are many of these ‘thoughtform bubbles’ decaying around our heads (like little think-bubbles), we could get ill.

An advanced being develops the will when nearing the higher initiations, and the more developed the will is, the more successful the thoughtforms will be. Through meditation and concentration, combined with will and unselfish purpose, we will be greatly assisted by the devas to send the thoughtform out and achieve it’s purpose. Once this is done, the thoughtform, made out of mental plane matter, will attract astral matter, and manifest on the emotional plane as desire. The next step will be to attract the physical atoms to it, and make it manifest.

The making of this type of thoughtform is very seldom successful, as not many people have the capacity to do it, and fortunately many thoughtforms die at an early stage. Imagine the harm and destruction that can be caused if selfish people could control the devas of the various planes!

Thus, as we grow or go through the higher initiations, we could make great thoughtforms to help humanity, change world conditions, and all grow together to create new ways of living. Unfortunately, whenever it is selfish, it is not easy to make it manifest!

We were told as children that angels and fairies have wings, but never really give it much thought. Through age regression to childhood, people are really surprised that they actually saw fairies when they were small. They could talk and play with these small little builders, who are almost translucent and have wings.

During a group regression in a recent Clinical Hypnoanalysis class, the whole group of students could see the past life in which four people in the class were together a few hundred years ago. One student and myself, were black females, who studied plants and bones with our teacher, who is also our teaching in this life, again teaching us African Healing Philosophy. He was a very huge man during the past lifetime, and one of the other white females in the class, was his very strict grandmother in that life.

The students were amazed that one of the male students in the current class, was not in a physical body during the specific lifetime, but was acting as a spirit guide to us. He was between lifetimes, and all the students see him as an angel with wings.

Not long ago, I was watching a DVD, and at the end of it, the lecturer asked the audience to close their eyes for a few moments and think of the souls of the people who died in a national disaster at the time, and assist the souls to the light. As I closed my eyes, I saw a huge angel, probably the size of a large room, two stories high, picking up a person (soul) in his arms (wings), and lifting him through an opening of light up to a higher plane. It was a bit confusing, as I saw the angel, and was the angel at the same time.

Thinking about this later, I was still not sure if I saw the angel, or whether it was a part of myself in a higher soul body, as I never thought of our higher bodies having wings. Another explanation could be that I had an expansion of consciousness, and for a moment became one with an angel helping the person. Who knows!

From some of the older writings, especially Plato’s work, there is a clear indication that we develop these wings during the higher initiations, and that it starts as we unfold the sacrifice petals of the Egoic lotus. It is as if we always had the wings, but coming into incarnation, they are somewhere inside us, starting to itch at some stage of enfoldment, as a child teething. As all the petals of the Egoic lotus unfold, so do the wings grow, and we can use these wings like a bird to glide on the currents of energy to the higher dimensions. The stronger the wings, the higher we can go!

However, there is a secret in developing the wings. They are made up of a lot of things, which include unconditional love, knowledge, sacrifice, beauty, harmony, group co-operation, selflessness and more love!

We have seen during therapy, talking to advanced beings, who could function on the higher planes, had many keys and secrets, but lost them, that it happened when the ego (selfishness and pride) takes over. On the higher planes of existence, we can create things, and our masters may teach us for example how to put a tiny little fish together, colour it and dismantle it again. Even at this level of expansion of consciousness and understanding, it is possible for the ego to come in and destroy all our hard work.

This is when we lose our keys, secrets and our wings. It is almost like an injured bird, tumbling down to earth, having to learn how to fly again.

One of our very advanced students discovered during dream analysis, that he had all his keys and secrets, meaning that he could function on the very high planes of existence. Many years ago, he came into a lifetime where he as a monk who became bored and stole a bread. Someone else was blamed and punished for his deed. This is karma on a high level, and he lost his keys. It took him many lifetimes of hard work to be able to again function on the higher dimensions. In his dream, twenty years ago, he anchored himself with a sort of plastic thread to a pole in the astral plane, as he started drifting up to the higher planes.

It is a wonderful experience when an angel lifts you up to the higher dimensions. During a recent Advanced Past Life Regression course, it suddenly happened when the whole class was under hypnosis, that an angel who often works with us, told us that he as going to lift us right to the highest dimension. Although my eyes were open, I could feel myself lifting up and at one stage saw only purple in the room around the students. I then closed my eyes, and had the most amazing experience. Coming back, down into through the lower levels is quite a disturbing experience, and as I counted the students out of the trance state, I found that I did not want to come back and immediately lifted myself up the higher planes.  When opening my eyes, I was still not back that dimension, and cried when I realized how much different it is here, confined within the physical body, with all the noise and lower energy frequencies around us.

This is the reason why advanced souls often suffer in the physical world, as their real home is one of a higher, very refined frequency, with currents of beauty, harmony and colours, in a five or six dimensional plane; a world that we don’t have words to describe. Some of our students can go there during hypnosis, and can only have tears of remembering and experiencing the beauty and joy, but cannot tell us what they see, as our physical brains cannot comprehend and translate it into words.

The low frequencies and the noise actually hurt them, as their nervous system is much more sensitive than other people’s. They can think clearly when they hear the wind or the silence; and for some, the violin reminds them of Nirvana, the Atmic plane, or of whom they are on the Buddhic (intuitional) plane. When going back there during regression, you may find that you are the music, for it comes right from within yourself. You are then the embodiment of beauty and harmony and a focal point of transmission for the frequency of the specific music energy to pass on to humanity. This happens unconsciously, while the lower part of you is struggling on the physical plane.

Our minds cannot comprehend a situation where a part of our consciousness is working and thinking in the physical body, while another part of our consciousness could be teaching souls on another level of existence. By this I don’t mean that we have other ‘soul extensions’ as suggested by the ‘Ascension Movement’. It means that our consciousness can be so expanded, that the ring that it forms, is so wide that it spreads over many dimensions.

As we expand our consciousness, so we expand our level of understanding, and our level of efficiency. The wider our field of consciousness, the larger our field of responsibility becomes. As I said before, nobody can do this for us, we have to do it ourselves; we initiate ourselves from within. Some people like the idea of ‘Ascending’ in this lifetime, and try to do it by special methods of meditation, where they actually see themselves partaking in the initiation ceremony. The truth is that most often it is a ceremony that takes place on the Astral plane, with the ‘Masters’ performing the ‘initiation’, are bunch of ‘Astal Lords’, posing as real masters, deceiving them, thereby creating glamour, pride and ego.

Nobody can do the initiation for you, opening your Egoic lotus petals through massage, the bringing in of ‘light and energy’, rituals or other methods. The only way to open the petals, is through experiencing life! How can we understand love if we never loved, and how can we understand death, deceit, pain, suffering, success, poverty or wealth if we never experienced it? One day in the future, you may be using a planet as you body of manifestation, but how can you take responsibility for the spiritual growth and evolution of a planet full of baby souls if you don’t know ‘what you’re talking about’?

There comes a time in life, after some higher initiations, that we have to choose a path, and one of the paths is to join the deva (angel) kingdom, and become a guide to people. Imagine what a poorly trained angel you would be if you were not properly trained in the subject of living!

How will we know the difference between real Initiates or ‘Initiates’ created by glamour? You will always find that real Masters and Initiates are very humble, and will not talk about their initiations. In fact, they can work out where they are on the spiritual ladder, but are never really sure, and they don’t care. They come to earth for a reason, which usually has something to do with helping humanity. Although a much larger part of them comes into physical existence, they don’t consciously remember what it is that they agreed to do. They don’t try and impress people, and they don’t try and impress their Master or Teacher; they are not concerned with the end result, but simply work tirelessly without an ego or superior attitude, to achieve the goal or purpose that is within them. They are the purpose, as ‘all is one’ on the planes of existence where they really live. There is no separation, yet they have a sort of individuality and still everything is part of everything else.

On the Buddhic (intuitional) plane it is as if it is an outgoing expansion of consciousness, enveloping everything from within to without, while on the Atmic plane, it is more an incoming of consciousness. It is like the expanded consciousness is folding back from the outer ring, rolling everything over like waves upon waves of consciousness to the core of the being’s consciousness, and then rolling it outward again. The movements are like the waves of the ocean, only this time it is energy and purpose, folding and rolling over from the outside to the core and out again, but made up of the finest films of vibration, notes and colours, like a kaleidoscope of magnitude.

We are told that the higher mental plane is the place where we can communicate with everyone else in the solar system, and beings on all systems and schemes can communicate with each other. It can be done, but it means that we need a body made up of the substance of the mental plane to enable us to do so. This takes a long time, as we have to develop the higher mind, the area where our Soul or Egoic Lotus lives. Most people can function on the lower mental plane, where our subconscious mind is. The mental plane consists of seven sub-planes, numbered from above to below. Thus levels 1-3 form the superconscious mind, level 4 forms the conscious mind, while levels 5-7 make up the subconscious mind.

All that we experience, see feel, imagine or visualize throughout all our lifetimes are stored in the lower mental body, also called the subconscious mind. Only things that have no selfishness can be stored in the superconscious mind, helping us to unfold the Egoic lotus petals. Things that we do, that is a mix of selflessness and selfishness, are recorded in the subconscious mind, and also horror movies, stories, visualizations and other people’s thoughtforms penetrating our minds.

The subconscious mind essence is made of up tiny living beings, who don’t know the difference between right and wrong, and just act out whatever we imagine. They are all the time just playing in the ‘soapy-movie’ that we create in our minds. It is thus our choice what we want to be going on in our subconscious minds; how we create our own reality. When approaching the 4th Initiation, it is like peeling an onion; first the outer layers of the subconscious, and then, layer for layer, we re-experience all that we created within the onion, right deep down to the center piece. This is why people see all the demons and ugliness before the Egoic lotus is finally destroyed, while the fires of the higher dimensions flowing through the petals, eventually burn them up and destroy the causal body. It cannot happen until the subconscious mind is cleared, and the experiences are transformed into beauty on the higher mental plane.

During this period of the fourth initiation and peeling of the layers of the ‘onion’, the person may feel that he is losing his mind. He may have a sudden fear when hearing a siren or seeing a police officer, deep inside fearing that he may be arrested. It is then as if the fine dividing line between past life experiences and this life experiences is disappearing, and he is haunted by the memory of killing someone, being part of or simply watched this crime. Much like having the answer to something ‘on the tip of your tongue’, but you just can’t get to it. At this point, the person does not know whether he actually committed the crime, dreamt it, or where it comes from. It is an overlapping of the different realities, and all become one!

At this stage only an advanced, experienced practitioner who understands karma, the higher dimensions and initiations will be able to assist him in finding the answers. This is just one example, but there could be many such experiences surfacing to the conscious mind, and he may no longer be able to know the difference between this world and the many worlds of his past reincarnations.

I know of a person who committed suicide when he was in his late seventies, and can only imagine that this very advanced spiritual being, could not longer separate the experiences of the different realities, and due to physical limitations due to the ageing process, lost his grip on life. When he spoke to me through a practitioner, he had many regrets, as he did not achieve his full life purpose. He told us that the ‘dark angels’ fetched him after death, and he was locked up in isolation for a period of six months, but fortunately did not have to spend much time in the astral plane. The astral body disintegrated quickly after isolation, and he could immediately move up to the higher planes.

This was not a punishment, and he did not suffer in a physical sense while in isolation, it was more of a mental self-punishment, because he broke a universal law. He told us that we are not allowed to take a life; not even our own. He is a magnificent being, and contrary to his life on earth, which was a very secluded life, he is a being that really understands connection between mathematics of higher creation and astronomy.

On a recent occasion, he visited us during a course, and the students could sense the power, force and warmth of the energy of this great master in our class. It was probably one of the best lessons for us!

During the course, we discussed the consequences of a practitioner who may work with a patient who has a problem with sexual dysfunction, and how he should be acting with integrity. A class discussion started and turned into a situation where another person was criticized and judged.

We broke for tea, and when the class resumed, a student said that it feels as if someone had left the room, but we were all still there. Suddenly the room was ice cold, and we could sense darkness around our feet. I took a student into hypnosis, and we discovered that a dark force entity entered the class and was around our feet on the floor. He told us that he ‘slipped in’ with the office lady who happened to be emotionally upset.

After dealing with him and sending him to the light, the warmth returned, and the higher being and angels returned to the class. In a typical master’s way of handling things, the being told us that the low level beings sort of ‘irritate’ him. He did not criticize of accuse us of anything, and the truth only came to me after not sleeping all night, often crying myself awake during the night.

It was a great lesson! We often wonder why evil and negative entities attach to people who work and walk in the light. Why must they ‘slip in’ with someone to penetrate a class or our lives? Where are the angels that they don’t protect us when this happens?

They simply leave! It is not because they are scared or can’t handle the situation; they simply don’t hang around when the vibrations are so low. It is through judgement, gossip, fear, selfishness, anger and other emotions that we harbour, that we lower the vibration of the field around us. Thinking about this, we can’t expect the light beings around us to stay and be contaminated with the very thick air or vibration that we create around us. The dark force entities don’t have to ‘slip in’, they just walk through a wide open door, attach themselves to us, and feed on the negative energies that we create.

I once asked an angel why they don’t just push the evil away, and was told that they have manners. We have a free will and they respect it; we make the choice to have beautiful thoughts or negative thoughts. They just step back, out of the dark energy that we create around us, and just watch as we allow the evil in.

This explains why they don’t just lift entities out of the deepest parts of the astral plane, where there is so much evil and suffering. They have manners, and respect our free will and choice.

On the other hand, the beings who are stuck in the deepest densest part of the astral, the ‘hell’, just don’t have the wings to fly up. Human beings can help them if they come your way, and you discover that they are attached to your patient. By talking to them through the patient, we understand their pain, fears and anger with love and without judgement. Only then can we help them to let go of the pain in the astral body, and remind them of a time when they were souls in the presence of God. The experience is usually so wonderful, that they choose to move back to the ‘light’, which is just a higher part of the astral plane, where they are often treated in a hospital by loving souls and angels.

If this does not happen, we have seen them incarnating over and over directly from out of the darkness. Their contract for the specific life is with the dark, and often they aspire to harm and spread darkness when in a physical body again; some reaching goals of levels of ‘mastership’ in the darkness. They have their own initiation system, and have to work during that lifetime to do as much evil as possible in their physical existence, so that they can pass the ‘initiation’ to ‘deserve’ another colour mask.

Each of their initiations have a specific purpose, and with each initiation they receive a different colour mask, while their faces and bodies are more and more burnt as proof of their evil! The mask is partly to show their rank, but also to hide the ugliness of the burnt face. The truth is that it is not only the fire of the astral plane that destroys their beauty, it is the ugliness within them that destroys their outer beauty.

See, even just reading about it may lower your vibration! We need to know about the danger of letting the lower emotions control us, and forever strive to raise our vibrations to the higher worlds of beauty, warmth, harmony and love.

Just start thinking of the higher dimensions, and imagine yourself communicating telepathically with the angels who have so much to give. There are beings who have all the knowledge contained within themselves, because, once you can focus your consciousness on the higher planes, you become one with all that is on that plane of existence. You then become part of the knowledge and all the knowledge, love and beauty, become you. How can we ever think that we can function there and take our selfishness there?

It would not be fair to simply get into your Buddhic (intuitional) body, and take a quick trip to the Buddhic plane to have a talk with your angel and ‘wound out’ as you would do with your best friend! As we tend to do on earth, we would probably like to use the ‘f-word’ and sort of ‘curse’ those around us causing us distress! This cannot be allowed, as they will never allow these low-level emotions and immature outbursts of energy to contaminate the field of almost ‘holy’ silence, beauty, joy, bliss, one-ness and group consciousness.

We would be kicked out very quickly, and therefore our wings may be paralyzed for a while until we can start thinking clearly, and again live our beauty on earth! Slowly, as we fuel our wings with love and beauty, they will become strong again, so that we can fly up higher and higher, and at fist maybe just knock on the door and ask permission to come in.

The aim of all truly spiritual teachers is not only to give students information, but rather to teach them the use of thought energy, and who the really are. Students in a class are never all on the same level, and although the teacher may have intuition to give him some idea, he doesn’t really know exactly how advanced they are. The students who have ‘keys’ to open the door to understanding the teaching, will understand, but for others it will just be a hint. They will have to search and find the answers it they are really ready to assimilate the information.

It is sometimes necessary for a teacher to ask a student not to continue with training as the information and energies coming in may to more harm than good, as it may stimulate the negative qualities in his astral and lower mental bodies. It has the same effect as bringing in higher energy frequencies, as people experience through the ‘Ascension Movement’, causing extreme chaos in these bodies, as the elementals making up the bodies, get out of hand and go rampant! It could take many, many lifetimes to correct the balance.


Through our journey towards achieving at-one-ment, our soul passes through certain schools of training, opening the petals of the Egoic lotus as follows:

The Hall of Ignorance – Knowledge Petals: first circle.
Guided by the energy of the Mahachohan – 3rd ray energy

The Hall of Learning – Love Petals: second circle.
Guided by the Bodhisattva – 2nd ray energy
The Hall of Wisdom – Sacrifice Petals: third circle.
Guided by the energy of the Mano – 1st ray energy


As the first layer of petals, the outer layer, of the Egoic Lotus starts unfolding, there is very little Egoic influence, but with time the petals become more active and alive due to the energy accumulated and stored in the Ego (soul) during the activities of the personal physical life, a ‘small initiation’ takes place on the lower plane. It is just a reflection of the ‘real thing’, and the energy thereof in the outer layer of petals causes it to spring apart from the next circle, and to unfold. This is a very important period, and a definite stage of development is reached.

Al this is happening without us knowing about it, and is seldom recognized through the physical brain awareness, due to the unresponsiveness of the brain matter to receive and translate the information in a way that we can understand and recognize what we see happening there. Although this is a ‘small initiation’, we can definitely see the difference in the person on earth, as he now becomes more intelligently aware of his group relationships on earth, although it can be quite a selfish relationship, for example the behaviour seen in a union member. However, it is still showing some involvement in group interplay.


When the second circle of petals are organized and ready to start unfolding, we see a similar process taking place. These smaller initiations deal with the love nature, with astral and emotional organization, as the person recognizes some form of unselfish love, for example a love for a person or an object, and slowly start negating the lower self. During this smaller initiation the Ego (soul) of the person, the World Teacher, and the person’s Master is involved.

The unfolding of the third group of petals, the sacrifice petals, is based on intelligent purpose and pure love. The desired effect of this process is produced through the full co-operation of the awakened Ego, meaning that the soul of the person involved is now in a much more advanced stage. He is assisted by his own Master, and as they start unfolding, it involves the force coming from the Manu (first ray energy), as well as the energy of the Bodhisattva (second ray energy).  Eventually, after the second initiation, the Lord of the World also comes in as a factor, fully expressing itself as Love.

It is important to realize that as each petal of the Egoic lotus unfolds, certain types of force are generated, dealt with, assimilated and used. At first, this happens unconsciously, and eventually we can do this with full intelligence.

In the Hall of Ignorance we mostly deal with the energy related to the activity and intelligence of substance, and the person has to learn the meaning of activity based on

Inherent energy
Absorbed energy
Group energy
Material energy – that energy which is hidden in physical plane matter

When we have passed the first ‘exam’ in the Hall of Ignorance (primary school) where we were on probation, we can now move to the Hall of Learning (high school), and be considered a disciple. Here we become aware of, and uses energy of the second aspect of form-building in our relationships.

Once in the Hall of Wisdom, the Initiate learns about the first great aspect of energy, the dynamic use of will in sacrifice, and receives the key to understand the three fold mystery of energy. He already became aware of this type of energy in the previous two halls. At the third, fourth and fifth Initiations he receives the keys to the three mysteries:

·        The key to the mystery that he sensed when in the first Hall, is handed to him to be able to unlock the hidden mysteries of atomic substance.

·        The key to the mystery of sex, or the pairs of opposites is given to him so that he can unlock the hidden forces within all forms.

·        The key to the mystery of sacrifice and to the secret of the Silent Watchers in the cosmos is revealed to him, and now he learns how to unlock the hidden energies of the will aspect.


He is shown the dynamo and intricacies of the solar system. The following are the         three basic mysteries of the solar system:


·        The mystery of Electricity.

·        The mystery of Polarity.

·        The mystery of Fire itself.


The mystery of Electricity has three keys, which are each held in the hands of one of the Buddhas of Activity.

The above short summary of some keys gives us an idea of meaning of ‘keys’.


Is there a test that we can take to find out which initiation we have passed? You can do a self evaluation by studying the following criteria; a person who have passed the various initiations should demonstrate at least the next few basic qualities in his life:



·        1st Initiation: Your mind should have the power of concentration. Would you be able to say the Great Invocation without thinking of anything else?

·        2nd Initiation: Can you forgive and have right relationships? Are you able to forgive and hand Karma to take care of Karma? At this stage you must understand your family, wife/husband and neighbours.

·        3rd Initiation: Are you harmless and fearless, and not hurting people?

·        4th Initiation: Loneliness! As you climb higher, people don’t follow you. Remember what happened to Christ? He had all the disciples around him, but when the time came closer for the crucifixion, only one disciple followed him; he was alone. At the 4th initiation, people don’t understand the energy emanating from you, your ideas, your needs or serenity and silence.

·        5th Initiation: You will demonstrate the power of willpower. All that you do will be in service for the will of God and the developing of Christ consciousness.


People often ask a similar question regarding clairvoyants: can they trust the information that the clairvoyant gives them? The answer will be to apply the above criteria to determine at what level the psychic is, and to look at how they conduct their life and their integrity. This will give you an idea of whether they are working at a level of lower psychism or higher psychism.

An Initiate is never interested in the private life of a person. His main purpose is to be cooperate with the forces of evolution, the assist in expanding the consciousness of humanity and lead the world into synthesis. He will never violate the free will of any person, as promised when he was given approval to use his higher senses. If ever you see that anyone is violating the privacy and free will of another person, you can suspect that the person is on the left-hand path, and certainly not an Initiate.

According to Ancient wisdom, Arhat is a degree, like we have Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D. The person who has passed the fourth initiation, is a Fourth degree Initiate, also called an Arhat. A Fourth degree Initiate is a person ho expands his consciousness and his love nature to the degree that he totally sacrifices everything that he has and is, for the benefit of humanity. At this stage your Inner Guide (Solar Angel) leaves you after your causal body has been destroyed, and for the first time, he is out there on his own, just after being ‘born’ onto the Buddhic (intuitional) plane, for the first time standing on his own feet.

For this very reason, Jesus cried out when he was crucified: ‘My Lord, My Lord, why hast Thou forsaken me?’. This was the time when the Inner Guide left him, and he was alone, without the guidance and help of his Solar Angel.

At the Fourth Initiation or Arhat level, the consciousness of the person no longer functions on the mental plane, but slowly starts functioning on the next level, the Buddhic (Intuitional Plane). We should remember that it is again a process of growing; we are not immediately fully conscious on the whole of this great plane of existence or state of consciousness. It is very difficult to give a description of Buddhic consciousness, as the physical brain is incapable of grasping the reality. It is even difficult for us grasp the concept of the Astral plane which is four-dimensional, and almost impossible to imagine a place made up of six dimensions.

Diagram: Unity in Diversity

We could compare the state of consciousness in terms of spokes of a wheel as per the above diagram, we can clearly see that at the stage of physical consciousness, the spokes on the outer edge of the wheel are quite far apart, not touching each other. The space between the spokes is larger than the spokes themselves. The next level in towards the centre, illustrates the Astral plane consciousness; although the consciousness is shown as wider, each individual is still not touching the other.


When we reach the mental plane, we see that we are still very individual in the beginning, but towards the end, when we reach higher mental consciousness, the spokes are touching each other, and we begin functioning in group consciousness.

It is only when we start functioning on the Buddhic plane, that there is no real separation, and the lines start overlapping with, and touching, or rather start overlapping, or ‘mixing’ with the ‘person’ next to us. At this point we experience a sense of union with others. We must remember that we experience this while still living in a physical body, not only once we have left the earth plane.

As we rise our consciousness still further up into the higher planes, we overlap those on either side of us, and more and more, until eventually, when we reach the center, there is a complete merging of consciousness. Even at this level, each spoke separate spoke still exists, and has its own individual direction and outlook. As each consciousness looks out towards the lower worlds, each one can look in different directions, but still an aspect of one central consciousness. On the other hand, when we look inwards at this stage, all these diverging directions meet, and become one with each other.

A great sense of union is characteristic of buddhic plane consciousness, as all limitations fall away, and our consciousness keep on expanding until we realize that all our fellows are included in our own consciousness. We can then feel, know and experience with an absolute perfected sympathy, all that is part of us, and within us, because all of them is in reality part of ourselves.

Only once we reach this state of consciousness can we know through experience, that humanity is a brotherhood because there is a spiritual unity underlying it all. Although the person is still himself and his consciousness his own, his awareness and consciousness is now so expanded that he is in perfect sympathy with the consciousness of others. Here he realizes that he truly just a part of one great whole.

If a person would stand in the sun and could absorb the sunrays and let it fill his body, flow through him and then pass it on to others, he would not be able to distinguish between the different types of rays. When functioning on the Buddhic plane, the same principle applies, and he can ‘feel’ brotherhood, and pours himself into anyone needing his help. He sees all beings as part of himself, and as materialism is not important at this stage, all that he owns, also belongs to others. This would be a sign of initiation on this level, and we would find it amazing that the Initiate on the Buddhic level, understands that even those who steal his belongings, probably need it more than he does. All that he has, belong even more to others, because they need it more than he does, and are weaker than him.

In the causal body, the predominant element is knowledge, while the predominant element of Buddhic consciousness is bliss and love. We experience the serenity of wisdom on the higher mental plane, while a stream of tender compassion flows inexhaustibly from the Buddhic plane. St. Paul, who was a Christian Initiate, spoke about the ‘house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens’. He demonstrated how charity and pure love is more important than any other virtue in building the glorious house.

As the essence of the Buddhic plane is sympathy, perfect comprehension and selflessness, it is impossible for a selfish man to function on the Buddhic plane.

Although we are told that there is a close connection between the astral and buddhic bodies, and that the astral body is somehow a reflection of the buddhic body. We must not assume that a person can quickly jump from astral consciousness to buddhic consciousness without completing the ‘schooling’ between the two. It is necessary to first build the higher vehicles and eventually reach this high level of consciousness.

We must not live in the illusion that someone who can function on the highest levels of the Buddhic plane, likes everyone around him. It is quite a strange concept as we already saw in Jesus’  relationship with his disciples, where he regarded St. John the Beloved differently from the rest. A person on this level of consciousness still likes some people more that others, but deep inside he loves all of humanity in a way that is totally incomprehensible to normal people. At this stage of his life, the Initiate on this level, does what he planned to do in his lifetime, and helps people, irrespective of what they do to him. He sees it as two different issues.

As an example, he may know a person who is really selfish, stole something from him, gossips about him, but needs help. He can clearly separate the two issues, and does all he can to help the person and assist him in growing spiritually, to the extent where he will even give him money, food, clothes and education. He regards it as two separate things, and loves the person with unconditional love, because the person lives ‘inside’ his own consciousness.

As per the above diagram, we can see that there is no separation on the buddhic plane. At first the consciousnesses do not seem to merge instantly at the lower level, but gradually, as the consciousness expands, they grow wider and wider. When a person reaches the highest level, he finds himself consciously one with humanity. If we consider consciousness on the higher levels above the Buddhic plane, we must realize that this is only the beginning of the stages where separateness is absolutely non-existent. We can not even imagine the type of consciousness on the atmic (nirvanic) plane, where we there is absolute fullness of the unity of consciousness, with even more overlapping with all other that exist.

The ego who can reach this level of consciousness, feels that he had absorbed and included all others, knowing that all are facets or parts of a greater Consciousness, himself having reached the ancient formula of “Thou art That”.

Buddhic consciousness brings a person in union with all aspects of glory and beauty in others as well as with the Masters, but it also brings him in harmony with the lowest forms of existence and the criminals. He experiences the feelings of the lowest forms and even evil, as well as the glory and splendour of the higher life. When there is no more separateness, and he has unity with all around him and below him, he find himself merged with Divine Life. Filled with divine life and unconditional, intelligent love, his attitude of compassion stretches towards all humanity, even into the deepest levels of darkness, in the astral plane, while always helping where he can.

At this stage of evolution, life is often very difficult for him, as he experiences the emotions of others as his own, sometimes causing confusion and suffering, until he realizes that it is just somebody else needing help. As soon as he helps the person, his own emotions return to normal and once again the beauty, serenity and bliss of the buddhic plane fills his physical body, and his is again one with all.

(Part 2 to follow)
















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