Hypnotherapy for Weight Problems

Dr. Trudie Bartholomew

When we talk about weight problems, we tend to think only of the overweight person, but what about the underweight person, the unfortunate person suffering from anorexia, bulimia, or other types of eating disorders?

Was there ever a time when you wanted to buy a new car, get a new dog, cut your hair in a certain style, and all you noticed around you was exactly what was foremost in your mind? Often overweight people notice nothing but fat and thin people; everything else seems to fade away and this becomes the focus of their life.

It does not help that friends and family tell you that you are not overweight, because this is not want you want to hear. Whether it is 50kg or 5kg too much, it is still a problem for the person who put these extra kilos on.

The more we try to lose the kilos, stay on the diet, exercise, drink more water, eat the lettuce leaves, the more confused we become. Most overweight people have tried all the diets available, and eventually become so despondent, feeling guilty because they failed once again.

As with any physical or emotional condition, we are once again trying to treat the effect, without finding the cause of the problem.

Any weight problem, whether it is obesity, anorexia, bulimia, binging and others, always has that something emotional that happened somewhere in this life or even in a past life.

Furthermore, there are different components of us which is not making it any easier. We all have three aspects in our personality affecting the weight issue:

The Victim, the Rescuer and the Accuser; creating a spiral effect, making us the Victim over and over again; quite a difficult cycle to break with your will. The reason for this is that the will resides in the conscious mind, while the change and correcting of perceptions have to happen in the subconscious mind. The only problem is that it is not easy for the average person to get into his own subconscious mind!

Many years ago an extremely overweight man came to me to assist him through hypnosis. He was very wealthy and was treated by a Hypnotherapist who uses only suggestive hypnosis for weight loss. Because money was no problem, he paid the Hypnotherapist quite a substantial amount for each session, where he was taken into a very relaxed state, and given suggestions like ‘stick to your diet’. He enjoyed this, as he had ‘lots of money’ and ‘enjoyed the sleep’, but he did not see any results. The Hypnotist phoned him at 6am every morning, giving him verbal suggestions to eat according to the requirements of his diet, which frustrated the man to such an extent that you refused to answer the phone.

Needless to say that this did not help him at all, as his frustration grew more and more, as his stomach grew more and more, to the point where he could not fasten his own shoes, let alone cut his toenails and do other small things for himself.

What he needed was not only suggestions and scripts for weight-loss, but regression to find the cause of the weight problem.

I suggested that he paid me for five sessions in advance, because I knew that he may not come back after the first session, as the emotions experienced during age regression hurt! Although he did not feel like coming back, he did, simply because he paid in advance!

During regression we uncovered traumatic childhood events, plus incorrect programming regarding eating habits.

It is important that we take the client into a state where the body and the mind are both relaxed, and then use a method to bypass the ‘critical faculty’. The critical faculty is that part of our mind that tells us that something is hot or cold; the earth is round or flat, thus giving us feedback of what we already experienced before, so that we can weigh it up and work out a comparison to make a decision. We are consciously unaware of this process going on all the time, but only experience the emotional and physiological response to what happened previously.

Once the critical faculty is bypassed, we are in a state of somnambulism. Somnambulism is not a state or depth of hypnosis, but a condition, and a requirement for age regression.

While the client is in hypnosis, the hypnotherapist will give him a post-hypnotic suggestion for an instant induction; the next time the client comes for a session, he can be taken into hypnosis instantly e.g. by shaking his hand, using a certain word and many other instant or rapid methods.

By using this condition, you will be able to even go into a past-life within a minute or two, as the induction takes but a second to achieve a state of somnambulism.

Imagine your subconscious mind as the hard-drive of a computer, where we are given a brand new one for this lifetime, just formatted with nothing written on it. Memories of past lives veiled and forgotten, our perceptions only come from our immediate surroundings and environment.

These perceptions are not necessarily true, but carry huge emotions, which do not mature as the person matures in life. The fear, hate, anger, abandonment, shock, disappointment, fatigue and other traumatic emotions are written into cell-memory. When re-living the traumatic experience, the visual person will see what happened, while some people will feel or know; nevertheless there is usually an overwhelming outpouring of emotions, called catharsis or abreaction.

It is important to let the emotions out, and let the person’s own subconscious mind or soul decide ‘what is necessary’ for him/her to get rid of these emotions. Some people attack the other party in their minds, others just talk to the parties involved, but whatever they do, happens only in their minds.

To only 'know' what happened is not enough; we must ensure that the person is ‘inside’ the fetus’ body, not observing from a distance, and afterwards get to the point where they can forgive. Never let a client leave your consulting room before he can forgive. Only then can we correct the wrong perception and start programming towards the desired effect of behaviour.

The inexperienced therapist may think that the problem is solved, but it is useful to re-visit the traumatic experience in a follow-up session, and look at other lifetimes, as we often choose the same type of people and circumstances in a next lifetime.

The reason why so many practitioners fail to assist a client with a weight problem is that the client often expects an instant miracle. Believe it or not, sometimes hypnotherapists promise them exactly this! The client has to take responsibility and co-operate with the therapist, where he does 90% of the work. Nobody can do hypnosis or meditation on someone; the person allows and makes it happen for himself and must want it to happen.

The usual method will be to take the client back in time to childhood, to a time when the mother was pregnant, and he was a fetus in the womb. In most cases of weight clients, we find that there was rejection; maybe the parents did not want the child or wanted the opposite sex.

It is sad that most rejected people also attract sexual abuse. Hereby I don’t say that every person with a weight problem was sexually abused, but it is often the pattern.

With sexual abuse comes low self-esteem, guilt, anger, fear and often a feeling of total disgust with the self and the body. Whether the sexual abuse or rape happened in the current life or a past-life, the body seems to put a layer of fat on the thighs. If we could take the fat on the thighs and fill it up to the front of the body, it would make a perfect round ball of fat covering and protecting the private parts. We can clearly see this in the shape of woman, but again I don’t say that everyone with big thighs was sexually abused.

Often the subconscious mind creates a layer of fat to protect the person, make him look unattractive; all to protect him subconsciously from sexual or physical abuse. The abuse could have happened in any life-time where the person made a promise to herself/himself that he will always be ‘big’, and therefore the fat just happens in this life.

Whenever the weight comes down to the desired level, eating the wrong type of food happens automatically until the layer of fat is back.

Unfortunately there is usually a keeper of the vow, being some being in the unseen world, reminding us subconsciously of the vow! This being may even cause cravings for sugar, chips and other fattening foods, and we can’t understand where the craving originates from. They are beings living on the astral plane. Although they don’t have a physical body anymore, they live in the astral, or desire-body, and still have the desires and needs which they had on earth, but can’t fulfil these desires, as there is not food in the real sense in that world.

Another very common reason for overweight is the programming towards food in childhood. How often did our parents force us to eat all the food on our plate, simply because this is how they were programmed as a child? Parenthood does not come with a manual to tell us exactly what to do in all situations of raising children, and therefore parents make mistakes without realizing it.

In my own life my granny had a special place for the sweets in her wardrobe, and whenever I was sad or hurt, granny gave me a sweet.

Going back to the earlier remark on the Victim, Rescuer and Accuser, me being the victim of the sadness, granny unconsciously programmed the rescuer in this respect. In grown-up life I was thus programmed that something sweet will make me feel better when upset or unhappy.

Because I was a long-distance runner, it did not affect me much, as it is easy to run the extra biscuit or sweet off during the next morning’s ten kilometer run.

Should I be on a diet and failed due to the action of the Rescuer’s ‘advice’ to fill the emptiness with something sweet, and Accuser will ‘accuse’ me of failing, and I would once again become the ‘victim’ of something else: my diet!

Here we see the vicious circle of becoming the victim again, and the person would once again try swimming upstream, trying to keep to a specific diet, only to be ‘rescued’ and ‘accused’ again, becoming once again the ‘victim’.

These are just a few reasons for being overweight, not given in any specific order, while the same reasons may not apply to everyone. Every person’s experiences are unique, and should be treated with confidentiality, trust and empathy, while the client will have great results if she/he works with the therapist over a period of time.

There is no quick-fix, as the weight-issue did not happen overnight; thus the body cannot change overnight. We can certainly help it along by caring for the body, giving it time to adjust to the effect of the emotions experienced during regression, which may take a few days, where you may feel even worse than before.

Enough sleep, a bit of exercise, more water, less fattening foods to start with will make it easier. Also, don’t try and eat the whole cake of weight-loss, change once slice at a time. Maybe cut out bread and sugar to start with; it is amazing how we can’t stop eating after eating just half a bread-roll!

You need to change your way of life! Nobody can force you to put your running shoes on in the morning, nor can anybody stop you from putting the peanut-butter and jam sandwich in your mouth.

Just take little steps one by one, and talk to your GP about vitamin requirements, hormone imbalances, and thyroid problems; maybe just a general check-up to make sure all is working together.

Because the soil in which our food grows is depleted, it does not have the necessary minerals etc., and some people find it helpful to use trace-minerals, but once again, discuss it with your medical practitioner. I found that by taking trace-minerals, vitamin supplement and cutting out bread and sugar assist in not feeling hungry all the time; but it may be different for someone else.

Many people suffer unnecessarily because of slimming tablets, as these can damage the membrane between the Etheric and the Physical bodies, thereby letting through undesirable energies, influences and effects from the Astral plane. The effect of these chemicals, and also many other substances we abuse, have a great effect on the spiritual bodies, not only in this life, but also in the life after death.

While many spiritually advanced people need to get ideas and guidance from the higher spiritual dimensions; from their Higher Self, God or great advanced teachers residing in the higher heavens, they loose out on this divine contact, because the foods we eat clutter the mental bodies, and the information either does not come through, or it is distorted.

By damaging the etheric membrane, they are more likely to open up to undesired influences from the Astral Plane, which is filled with desires of all kinds, thus filling their own astral bodies in return with negative qualities, making it dense.

Many of the causes mentioned above apply to people suffering from under-weight problems including anorexia with associated habits of bulimia and more. Past-life issues play a huge role in both, as some people lived in concentration camps, died of hunger, were locked up in dungeons, burnt on the stake for their beliefs, were raped and abused or other events which still cause a certain pattern of behaviour and guilt in the current life.

It is advisable to discuss the best options for your specific requirements with a qualified practitioner, who has experience in all the fields of events associated with weight problems. Although the problem cannot be instantly corrected permanently, clients usually find that they suddenly don’t have the same cravings, or that they automatically start losing weight after one or two sessions.

Remember, suggestive hypnosis or what we call “band-aid” hypnosis may at first seem to be working, but the effect is usually only temporary. On the other hand, if the cause of the problem is found, eliminated, perceptions corrected, only then will the suggestions and visualizations add to a permanent change.


When they say that we are made in the image of God,

many of us may feel that we are not worthy of that image.

This is not true,

because God is love, energy, intelligence,

compassion, knowledge ......

is omi-present and greater than anything that we can ever imagine.

Although everything has a positive and negative side,

the real God can not be labelled as a god of

jealousy, anger and many of the negative qualities

given to God by man.

The God within us is greater than anything in the outside world.

If God is already within us, and we live within his

body .. his mind ... his heart ...
how can we be imperfect?

We are made in the image of God because we are
love, energy, intelligence, compassion, knowledge


alive with an inner beauty, joy, bliss, peace ...

all just waiting to be found and treasured.

God is near enough to hear our prayers.

We now have the opportunity to creat the body that we desire
for now

and for the next life!

by Trudie Bartholomew

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