Who understands the shame and fear of a child who has been sexually abused?

Practitioners find that up to 80% of people who come for help have been sexually abused; male and female! Often they have no conscious memory of the events, but it is all stored in the subconscious mind.

During regression therapy, the patient will be taken back in time to the first time that they were sexually abused, or to the first time 'that someone touched you in a way that made you feel uncomfortable". This does not always happen instantly, but the experienced practitioner will be able to take the person gradually back to various times in childhood (in the same session), until they reach the specific event.

The patient will usually have an abreaction (outburst of emotion) while re-living the experience. It does not help to know about it, or observe as an outsider while detached; the person has to be 'in the body' of the child when regressed. We often find that abused people learned very early in their life to detach and lift themselves out of the physical body into the astral body, and by doing so, escapes the pain and trauma. This habit is then carried forward into adulthood, and they find themselves once again totally detached during intercourse. Although there is no conscious memory of the abuse, the female associates the weight of the partner with the subconscious memory of the heavy body lying on top of her, not understanding her feelings!

Many women who were abused tell us that they could never handle the sexual side of relationships, and would feel a type of a hate towards the husband afterwards. Although she needs the love and affection, everything inside her freezes up when it is time for sex. She feels like that little girl lying in bed, too scared to move, and just praying that it would stop, while at the same time feeling guilty for not responding as would be expected, trying to relax the tense muscles, at , needing reassurance of being loved! The partner is usually not aware of the conflict going on inside her; that part of herself that she herself does not even understand and could not verbally express.

The partner of an abused person simply does not have enough of the kind of love and re-assurance that she needs! She does not even know what she needs, how much she needs, and why she needs it; but knows that there is something wrong.

In a case of sexual abuse, it is of no use when the practitioner takes the person back to the event, let him/her observe it, and than reads a script giving suggestions.

The person has to re-live the event a few times (during the same session), and when there is no more emotion, lift him 'up on a cloud' to look down at the event with no emotion. The person can then imagine herself/himself walking into the room as an adult, and 'do what is necessary' to get rid of the emotion. The subconscious mind knows what to do, and often the person wants to attack the abuser, lock him up, shout and scream; they must be allowed enough time to do what they 'need to do', ‘in the safety of their minds’.

It is possible to take the patient back in time to see what happened in the life of the abuser that made him to this. Often the abuser was also abused as a child, and once the patient can feel the pain of the abuser in childhood, it is much easier to forgive. As with any trauma, it is of most importance that the person can get to the point where they can forgive!

After forgiveness, the abused person must understand that it was not their fault! Sexual abuse brings a lot of guilt, as the little girl/boy was touched in very sensitive areas, which results in masturbation at a very early age. This in turn, brings more guilt, shame and low self-esteem. In later life the sexually abused person often suffers from overweight, anorexia, bulimia, depression, and anxiety or feels suicidal.

The experienced practitioner will also use role-play, where the adult can take the child to the 'most beautiful bathroom in the world' and wash the child in all the places where she was touched, and then wrap her in a soft white towel, white dress etc.

Often we found that there is soul-fragmentation, where a part of the person stayed behind . Only when all the emotional trauma has been dealt with and all parties forgiven, these two parts of the soul can merge again. There are spiritual beings/angels who assist with this process; patients often describe that they use a kind of laser technique to merge the spiritual bodies. The person immediately feels 'whole' and only then realizes that there was always an emptiness and they now feel complete.

It is so sad that many children were sexually abused where the abuser put the penis in the mouth of the child and often the child had to swallow semen. When we use journey techniques, the patient can see the effect of this inside the stomach. It is possible to take the consciousness on an tour through the body to the organ affected by the trauma. Many times people who have problems with gagging, were exposed to this kind of sexual abuse.

The much deeper effect of sexual abuse is the transfer of negative entities from the abuser to the child. These are often earthbound souls who were involved in prostitution in a past life, or were raped or sexually abused themselves.

We are a soul living in a physical body, but we also have spiritual bodies, made of a lighter type of atom to enable us to move in the various planes of existence. Most people can use the physical body, astral body, and lower mental body.  Spiritually advanced people can use higher bodies, eg. the higher mental body and in a few cases, the intuitional body.

The space between physical atoms is larger than the atom itself, and therefore the atoms of our astral bodies and other bodies can exist in the same space. The spiritual bodies are slightly larger than the physical, and extrudes outside of the physical body.

When I say that the earthbound soul is transferred to the abused child, it means that it can move in between the spaces between the physical atoms, and we perceive this being to live in a certain part of the body. In the case of sexual abuse, the entity usually occupy a space around the sexual organs or lower abdomen.

It is quite simple to convince the entity to move to 'the light'. Most often the entity will use the patient's voice to communicate with us, and often we regress the entitity to the time when he was raped, killed or abused in a past life. The technique is the same as in the case of regression for an abused person in a physical body.

Remember that the earthbound entity lives in his astral body and still has all the emotions, like anger, fear, hate, shame, guilt, etc., caused by the trauma in his past life.

When we die, our consciousness moves out of the Physical body into the Astral body. The astral plane consists of seven sub-planes, number seven being the lowest, most dense part. All the emotions that we experience in a lifetime, are stored as energy/colours in the astral body. After death the elementals re-arrange the astral body so that the most dense emotions are in the outer layer, which then pulls the soul into the part of the astral plane which corresponds to the frequency in the heavy outer layer.

If there is hate, fear, killing, greed etc in the outer layer, the soul will be pulled towards the very low part of the astral. We have been told that there is a hospital on the 5th sub-plane of the astal plane where souls are taken care of, as well as another hospital on the 6th sub-plane.

After death we all spend some time in the Astral World, until we let go of most of the emotions (not all the karma), and then leave the astral body behind to disintegrate. Although the higher parts of the astral plane is 'heaven' to some souls, there is much greater beauty and love awaiting them in the lower mental plane (called devachan), where the soul  lives very secluded in his own world of beauty and devotion for a while. Souls can not be contacted by human beings or psychics while they are there. Often souls cannot be contacted by humans while in the higher astral planes.

While in the lower mental plane (devachan), the soul can only re-think and remember the last lifetime, but once on the higher mental plane, he can clearly see the whole picture, his intent and progress, and can plan the next lifetime.

It is possible for the soul to move to still higher heavens, like the higher mental plane, or intuitional plane after life, provided his has developed a body (vehicle) to use in those awesome dimensions.

There is much suffering in the lower astral plane (seventh), and a lot of sadness and emptiness & depression in the sixth subplane. When we say that we send the entities to 'the light', we basically help them to heal the emotions stuck in the outer layer of the astral body, making the astral body much lighter, and they can move up from eg. subplane 7 to for example subplane 5, 4 or higher. There are special angels who do this type of work with practitioners.

We use methods of firmness and love to work with the lost soul's intelligence so that they understand that they have a free will, and can move on, while no longer believing the deception and lies of their brothers in the darkness.

In some cases two practitioners work together. The one practitioner is taken into hypnosis with the patient, and if visual, can see exactly what the patient sees, even in the mother's womb, between lives and past lives.

We have seen cases where the sexually abused person was involved in prostitution in a very recent past life, and then attracts the same people or actions in the current life.

Sometimes men come for help, afraid that they may abuse their grand-children as they abused their own children. This person needs help, and should be treated in a non-judgemental way to find the cause of his problem (the initial sensitizing event), past-life influences etc, until he can forgive all involved, including himself, and then assist in re-programming towards the desired positive behaviour.


It is so sad that children have to keep this secret inside, too afraid to speak up, because the abuser threatened to kill them or their families.
Sometimes they tell .... but nobody believes them.

Sometimes you .. the therapist ... is the first person they have ever told!

There are too many who hurt, and not enough helpers.

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Who understands the shame and fear of a child who has been sexually abused?
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