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"Our major responsibility will be to familiarize
the aspirants of the world - and the general public
- with the Hierarchical Plan
for Humanity and it's future spiritual
and mental development."
Djwal Khul


"From the standpoint of average humanity, who think in terms of earthly happiness, the Plan should be something joyful and something which would make material life easier. To the spiritual Hierarchy, the Plan involves those arrangements or circumstances which will raise and expand the consciousness of mankind and enable men, therefore, to discover the spiritual values for themselves and to make the needed changes of their own free will, and thus produce the demanded betterment of the environment, consistent with the unfolding spiritual recognition".

The Plan for humanity is divided into seven branches of human endeavour:

1. Politics
2. Education
3. Philosophy
4. Art
5. Science
6. Religion
7. Finance

We see that all these avenues of enlightenment and expansion are spiritual, since they are intended to lead humanity to the fulfillment of the Plan, and to the realization of the Purpose.

Religions are not the only spiritual path, but the six other branches may also be called spiritual, since they lead us into mastery, into synthesis, into divine understanding, and into the improvement of life as a while.

We are told that each of these seven branches of human endeavor is headed by a great Master, with His co-workers, initiates and disciples, to inspire, to lead and to teach all those who are particularly drawn to His department of activity.


The Masters have various ways of teaching.

They teach in Ashrams (An ashram is a class held on the intuitional or higher mental planes by a Master). They teach individuals and groups telepathically on various planes. They instruct through inspiration, impression, and through the mysteries and symbols.

Advanced intuitives and sensitive individuals gradually tune in to the sphere of teaching, and the Plan slowly penetrates into their minds.

The purpose of the entire process of meditation is to enable man to penetrate into the world of these great possibilities, to be impressed by the Plan, and bring it down to the human level, helping evolution and furthering the liberation of humanity.

But it is not enough to learn about the Plan. The most important thing is to be charged with the energy of the Plan through meditation and contemplation.

We know that the most powerful thing on earth is the power of an idea. No force can stand against an idea that is born on the hierarchical Plan. It is the driving power of evolution for all kingdoms and for humanity. It is the essence of Conscious evolution. All human miseries are the result of not understanding and of not meeting the requirements of the Plan.

Meditation is, in a sense, the only path to alleviate the miseries of humanity since it makes us see the Plan, first within our Soul and then through the eyes of our Master. Thus we are charged with the Plan, and see the order existing in the universe, in each cell, in the progress of humanity as a whole. We become fit to penetrate into the domain of that energy which we call the Divine Will. It is this Will that expresses itself as Purpose, as Plan, as idea and, shifting itself in man, becomes desire, aspiration, dedication, intention, service and the Path itself.

Meditation enables us to sense, to be impressed, to be charged not only by the Plan, but it also makes us recognize clearly our own individual part in it, which must be worked out in fiery dedication and in spiritual detachment.

Once we know our part in the Plan, we have the courage to dedicate our life toward the fulfillment of our task, then the energy and substance of the Plan will flow into our vehicles and create joy, wisdom, co-measurement, and more fire for one-pointed dedication.

We are told that love, in its turn, helps to reveal the Plan more. The Plan is trusted only to those disciples who are tested in their loyalty to love, friendship, and who are found unwavering in their love.

The Plan is not revealed in Its totality; only a part of It is released as guidance for Masters, for disciples, and for humanity. Thus a great part of the Plan stands unrevealed and as the centuries pass It slowly unfolds and reveals Itself in proportion to the need, condition, cycle and the achievement of the total life on the planet. Therefore, a great part of It remains secret, esoteric, and is strictly safeguarded from the knowledge of the Black Lodge so that they do not distort it and mislead humanity.

How greatly our planetary life will be changed if, in all fields of human endeavor, we plan in conformity with the divine Plan, and act accordingly! This way, lives, energy, money and time will be saved, and the suffering of humanity will be alleviated tremendously.

The Plan can be sensed in the age-long history of the continents, civilizations, and cultures. It can partly be read in the course of the evolutionary Path. But to give some sketch of the Plan we may say that the Plan for the immediate cycle is condensed in the great Invocation.

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into the minds of men,
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men,
May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let Purpose guide the little wills of men -
The Purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out,
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth."

Its goals are:

To increase the Light, in all its forms, on all levels.
To increase the Love divine in the hearts of men.
To release the Divine Will, in man and make him to live according to the Divine Will, and steady transmutation, transformation and transfiguration.
To seal the door of evil, which acts against the Plan.
And to uplift the "earth to heaven," in all its domains.


The Tibetan Master suggested some of the immediate goals of the Plan, which can be partially summarized in the following points:

1. To reveal the subjective synthesis in humanity.
2. To establish a great station of light which will illumine the whole realm of human thought.
3. To restore the mysteries of initiation.
4. To facilitate the coming in of new types of energy, which will be used for healing, for cleaning, for harmonization, and for the release of spiritual values and virtues.
5. To bring to and end the agelong spirit of separativeness in our religious and national attitudes.
6. To further the development of the system of intercommunication and inter-relationship by developing the science of telepathy, the science of impression, and various other external means.
7. To bring about a closer, more direct, and conscious co-operation and communication between the Guides of the race and the servers of the race.
8. To train servers to be responsive to the Plan by cultivating in them Continuity of Consciousness.
9. To facilitate the solution of the three major problems of the age: the problem of ideas and their materialization, the problem of God, and problem of immortality.
10. To smash world glamours, illusions, and the racial "Dweller on the Threshold."
11. To unfold the intuition.
12. To build the racial Antahkarana.
13. To externalize the group of aspirants and disciples already gathered around the Masters on the inner planes.
14. To bring about the materialization of the Hierarchy upon the physical plane.
15. To prepare the way for the reappearance of the Christ.
16. To teach men to work on the mental plane as minds in contact with the plane of intuition.
17. To clean the polluted air, water and soil all over the earth.
18. To minimize the noise of all machinery.
19. To provide enough food, adequate housing, and clothes for everybody, everywhere.
20. To program three days of labor, one whole day of rest and three days of spiritual joy and striving.
21. To provide conditions for the total liberation of women all over the world, while deepening their sense of motherhood and its responsibilities.
22. To utilize sound and color scientifically to bring about "The aligning of the Ego (soul), the influencing of groups, the making contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy, the co-operation with the devas (angels) in order to further the constructive ends of evolution." This will produce the great White Magicians.
23. To reveal the inner constitution of man and Cosmos.
24. To make humanity a center of energy, a distribution of light, love, and divine will.
25. To awaken a greater sense of responsibility in the heart of the human being.
26. To pass the Esoteric Teaching to humanity collectively.
27. To establish a new mode of financial interplay, which supersedes the present methods.
28. To establish one language upon the earth, without obliterating the individual national languages in daily use in any country.
29. To organize groups which will work for the one humanity, as sensitive agents between Hierarchy and humanity.
30. To use atomic energy to build a new civilization, the new and better world, and to create the finer, more spiritual conditions.
31. To cultivate Soul powers and superhuman awareness.
32. To reveal gradually the secret of electricity, and the relation of the human being to the threefold energy of electricity.
33. To inaugurate the new psychology based on the Science of the Rays.
34. To utilize scientifically the cyclic inflow of energies from Cosmic Sources.
35. To cultivate etheric vision, and bring about some changes in the etheric vehicles which will solve the sex problem, and the problem of over-polulation.
36. The secrets of love, sex and marriage will be slowly revealed.
37. To reveal new methods of healing by electricity, adjusting the forces running along the spinal column to cure most of the diseases what we now consider incurable.
38. To spread the spirit of harmlessness into the hearts of man.
39. To reveal the sources of individual, national, and global energy Centers.
40. To reveal the source of occult (spiritual) meditation and alignment, with planetary and cosmic Centers."

To bring the unveiled part of the Plan to the attention of the world aspirants and then to all the people of the world, the Hierarchy is founding little groups and esoteric schools, through which the initiate-disciples will work and further  the conscious evolution of humanity in conformity with the divine Plan. They will give humanity the esoteric Teaching of the New age.

The Plan is worked out in service through meditation.

Dr. Trudie Bartholomew

From the book

From the book:

The Science of Meditation - p293-314
Torkom Saraydarian

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Our major responsibility will be to familiarize aspirants and the general public with the Hierarchical Plan
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