Did you know that many herbs can reduce high blood pressure?

Herbs form a treasure cove because of many chemicals and healing properties that today form the basis of most medications research and production. Although herbal remedies work over longer periods than its concentrated extracts used in modern medicines, or its synthetic counterparts, this is offset by the proven long term results and lack of side effects.

For instance, it has been proven that drinking parsley assists in lowering high blood pressure and reduces the risk of developing kidney stones.

Parsley is high in nitrates that help dilate (expand) blood vessels, which then improves blood flow and subsequently lowers blood pressure. This would aid where high blood pressure is caused by vascular constriction. One cup of “parsley tea” a day may help slightly to reduce elevated blood pressure levels or it can be useful in lowering blood pressure when it spikes.

Blood pressure can have one or more causes and it is a good idea to first establish what contributes to the condition in your particular case. Causes such as pain, stress and food choices can easily be identified, and addressed with the correct herbs and treatments.

Validated science also provide us with ways to improve other causes of high blood pressure like arterial plague, arterial stiffness and kidney issues with such natural and safe herbal means as opposed to just managing its levels.

If you want to improve your health, including problems with high blood pressure, make an appointment with a trained healthcare specialist today.

It is the natural choice.

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Did you know that many herbs can reduce high blood pressure?
Parsley is high in nitrates that help dilate (expand) blood vessels... and lowers blood pressure

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EPASA Practitioners only section. 

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