Epasa Membership

Epasa Membership includes listing on the EPASA website. 


There are Diagnostic Practitioners, who can diagnose, write sick notes and examine a patient.

The NON-Diagnostic Practitioners are able to advise on nutrition and lifestyle. They can not diagnose a patient or write sick notes.

Ethnomedicine Practitioner – D.Emed
Ethnopsychology Practitioner – D.EPP

Ethnomedicine Health Advisor – EHA
Ethnopsychology Health Advisor – EPA
Traditional Health Practitioner – THP (to upgrade to Ethno Health Advisor)
Ethno Massage Therapist – EMT
Student – STU
Ethnomedicine Manufacturer / Health Shop – MNF

EPASA Registration Process

  • Initial application with EPASA is a manual process that includes evaluation and committee approval.
  • Registration of practitioners will be done according to the field of study, training, proficiency and experience, which is controlled by the executive committee.
  • For registration with EPASA please complete the Online Application Form.
  • Students will be offered the opportunity to register with the association as students.
  • Qualified students will be registered categorically according to their respective fields of practice.
  • Registration certificates will be awarded to qualified applicants only after the Accreditation Committee Panel Interview and approval.
  • A pro-rata invoice will be issued for initial registration.
  • HEPASA registration and Listing only applies to EthnoPsycology Practitioners on the HEPASA Website
  • Once registered as an EPASA Member, you can register as a user on our website and set up your listing details.
  • Annual membership renewal to be done on our website.

EPASA Website Registration

  • Only EPASA Members can register on our website. Manufacturers, Herbal Shops and Training Centers require an additional account as well as their personal Practitioners accounts.
  • Step 1 – Create your User account: Simply click on register at the top right-hand corner of the website and register as a user on our website. You will automatically be logged in and directed to the shop page for your membership payment. Once your Membership is up to date, you can head over to your account page. (If you want to easily log in with your Google account in future, just use your Gmail email address when registering).
  • Step 2 – Account Page: Go to the Account page where you will find everything in one place.
  • Step 3 – User Settings: Go to the My User Settings where you can edit your information and upload an image of yourself. 
  • Step 4 – Profile Settings: Go to the My Profile Settings where you can edit your profile. (You might need to create your profile if this is a new account). You can switch your Profile ON/OFF once you added all your information, by default it is switched off.
  • Step 5 – Articles: Go to the My Articles where you can add, edit or delete your articles. Your articles will appear on your profile page. You can switch them ON/OFF from the Profile Edit Page if you like.
  • Step 6 – Payment: If your payment is not up to date, a notification will appear on the screen. If you did pay via EFT just send us a message to manually switch on your membership. In future, all payments must be made on the website.

Registration Fees

Application / Administration  Fee (non-refundable)One-time payment with applicationR300
Accreditation Panel Interview Fee (non-refundable)One-time payment with applicationR300
EPASA  Membership Fee for DEM | DEM | EHA | EPA | THPPaid with application / Annually – Pro-rataR700
HEPASA  Membership Fee for EPP listingPaid with application / Annually – Pro-rataR300
Manufacturing or Health Shop Paid with application / Annually – Pro-rataR1700
EPASA Profile Website (Optional)3rd Party Optional ServiceView Details
Subject to change **