17 Feb 2021

Important Notice


If you do experience this issue, please clear your Browser History and Cache

We are currently experiencing a small server issue with pages not clearing its cache upon reloading after a submission. When someone logs in it doesn’t show that that the person is logged in until the page is manually refreshed. When completing a form or logging in, simply refresh your page twice to show the changes. We appologise for the problem at hand and are busy sorting it out.

17 Feb 2021

Important Member Notification...

Please make sure to check your email. We have sent out a notification to all our members to register their user account on our website.

08 Feb 2021

Our new website is up...

We have pre-loaded all registered EPASA members on our website under the find a practitioner section . Please ensure that your contact details are correct and that your location filter works correctly. If you experience any problems please contact Peter on 083 989 2611 or send him an email at 

You still need to register as a user on our website in order to pay your annual renewal with EPASA and to make use of additional services we now have on our website. Simply follow the Registration Steps

07 Feb 2021

Our new website is up...

We now have a brand new website with several new features and many more to come. Please scroll through our site and if you experience any problems, find any mistakes or have a suggestion: Please contact Peter on 083 989 2611 or send him an email at 


EPASA Practitioners only section. Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. 

EPASA Practitioners only section. 

New EPASA Application

A new EPASA member is someone who is not listed as an EPASA Member and NOT listed on our website.

New User Registration

If you are an EPASA member but you name does not appear under the “Find a Practitioners Listing” Section.

Listed User Registration

If your name already appears under the “Find a Practitioners Listing” Section.

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