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The Ethnomedicine Practitioners Association of South Africa (EPASA)

For over two decades, my colleagues and I have worked tirelessly at establishing educational institutes for the training of Ethnomedicine Practitioners. This pioneering work has established curriculums for many of the faculties of Ethnomedicine available today in South Africa. The hard work has finally culminated in the accreditation of several institutes that provide the high standards of sustainable education that are required by the profession.


More about Ethnomedicine

African traditional medicine is a mainstay of primary health care for the majority in Africa. The World Health Organisation research showed that 70% to 80% of the population of emerging economics has always relied on resources within their environment to survive. Plants, minerals and animals constitute the major natural resources used by humankind for prevention, curative and rehabilitative health in Africa. As in many other continents, these resources have been in use for tens of thousands of years by traditional health practitioners (THP’s) who acquire their knowledge and skills through observation, spiritual revelation, personal experience, training and direct information from their predecessors.

more about Ethnomedicine

accessible and affordable health care

Traditional methods of healing to ensure the health and wellbeing of body and mind for all.


EthnoMedicine Practitioners completed intense training to provide personal assistance relating to your overall wellbeing. EthnoMedicine Practitioners focus on herbal products and remedies for various ailments and conditions. EthnoPsychology Practitioners focus on psychological and spiritual wellbeing. People often choose these alternative methods for wellbeing as a natural resolution with great success. Our Practitioners provide such a natural alternative and are regulated to function within a specific code of conduct. If a condition exceeds the expertise of our Practitioners where medical or psychiatrical assistance is needed, a client will be recommended to a related medical specialist.