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Click here to download the upgrade modules form in order to evaluate your progress, proficiency, training, experience and recognition of prior learning to enable EPASA to submit your portfolio to the Intering Traditional Health Practitioners' Council when they open for registration.

Traditional Health Practitioners Act, 2007 (Act 22, 2007)

We urge members to book an appointment for an Accreditation Panel Interview in order for the Accreditation Committee to evaluate your progress, as your experience, training, recognition of prior learning and level of proficiency is taken into consideration. We request that members submit certified copies of qualifications and courses completed to enable the accreditation committee to evaluate your progress towards completion of upgrade requirements.

Please note that there are various training institutions registered with EPASA and that their grouping of courses and course codes may differ from EPASA classification. Kindly contact the EPASA office or the training institute to clarify the course content with reference to EPASA upgrade codification. Training Institutes may have agreements with various Traditional Healers Associations and other associations/organizations to register their members; it is the choice of the student where they wish to register. EPASA is a Section 21, Non-profit association, that does not do training, neither does it offer a qualification or a title. Training Institutes registered with EPASA offer short upgrade courses for members, unless accredited with SAQA/DOE as a service provider offering a qualification.

Training Institutes registered with EPASA

The Ethnomedicine Practitioners Association of South Africa (EPASA) was established approx 20 years ago, and has always resorted under the Traditional Health Practitioners Act, in particular Herbalism. The Traditional Health Practitioners Act, 2007 (Act 22, 2007) was finaly signed in 2007, and makes provision for four categories: Herbalist, Diviner, Traditional Surgeon, and Traditional Birth Attendant. Most of EPASA members will find registration with the soon to be established Traditional Health Practitioners Council as Herbalists, categorized by EPASA under various internal registers that indicate your level of professionalism.

EPASA thus once again firmly aligns itself under the Traditional Health Practitioners Act where we have always been, except for a four year period where the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee recommended that Ethnomedicine, due to its academic context, should resort under AHPCSA (Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa). The AHPCSA accepted Ethnomedicine in principle in 2011; however the newly elected AHPCSA council reversed the decision early in 2012; the general finding was that Ethnomedicine belongs under the THP Act. We thus encourage members to adhere to the EPASA Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, Interim Scope of Practice, and required level of training, as we pride ourselves in maintaining the professionalism, high level of education and uniformity of practice and education that we have always required.

Unfortunately members who have not done any of the suggested upgrading modules, may find themselves in a position that they may be re-classified to a lower category, or that their portfolio may not be up to standard for submission when the THP Council opens the registers.

EPASA only issues a registration number, but will from 2015 issue an Internal Practising Number to paid-up members who have completed the suggested upgrade courses, This will bring EPASA in line with other Traditional Health Practitioners Associations' view of temporary practising numbers, which is in line with the system utilized by EPASA (Ethnomedicine Practitioners Association of South), EPPASA (Ethnomedicine & Phytotherapy Association of South Africa), and over the past 20 years. Most South African Traditional Healers Associations have been issuing members with an Internal/Temporary Practice number for many years, and we are looking forward to receiving permanent practice numbers from BHF (Board of Healthcare Funders) once we are registered with the Traditional Health Practitioners Council - Government Statuatory Body.

For registration enquiries contact

The Registrar
012 661 0236
083 266 4338
Fax: 0866 279 604
email epasa -ethnomedicine practitioners association of south africa




Registration in accordance with the
Traditional Health Practitioners Act, 2007 (Act 22, 2007)


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