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Dr. Trudie Bartholomew



Our psyche has three major powers: Intelligence, Love, and Willpower, which manifests through our psychic senses, where willpower leads to omnipotence, love leads to omnipresence and intellect leads to omniscience.


Will relates to the purpose of life, to synthesis, to connecting with the Cosmic Magnet and to beingness, while intellect relates to mental development, meaning, logic, science, creativity, reasoning, unity with the Mind of the Cosmos, and knowingness. Love, however, leads us to understanding, inclusiveness, cooperation and to right relations leading to havingness.


Most religions believe that there is a creator and a trinity, called by different names, but the general idea is a God, made up of three parts namely, Will, Love and Intelligence. This idea is expressed as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; 1st, 2nd & 2rd Deity or Will, Love & Wisdom and Active Intelligence – and many other names. If the Creator of our multi-universes comprises of these three concepts, then we, as a spark of this great being, must certainly contain within us the promise of developing these virtues to become like Him.


Most people think that love is a sentiment or emotion, but it is in fact the spirit of active sacrificial service to unite humanity and to heal, free, transform and create. Love for God expresses itself as a dedicated service to His Plan for humanity.


Sometimes people think that they can love God without expressing real love towards their family, friends and other people. Christ called this hypocrisy, as it is impossible to really love God without loving all that exists. All our hatred, jealousy and family arguments create cleavages between you and your Guardian Angel, God and the Spiritual Hierarchy; these cleavages filter through to all your relationships, causing much unhappiness.


Cleavages in our life create rents in our aura and in our communication network with the universe. Love is so important for us, as it is the substance through which all bridges are built between individual lives and their Source.


Love unifies! Problems between people must first be approached through love, as logic and reasoning cannot unify people; we need the right kind of love to use logic to function properly. There are so many problems that remain unsolved, not because people don’t have the knowledge or logic, but because they don’t have love.


One moment of love can solve a problem that many nights of worry and anxiety could not solve; therefore we know that love builds bridges and expands our consciousness and beingness, expanding our existence to various dimensions. When you really have a problem forgiving someone, go within yourself and try to truly love and have empathy with his soul; the change within your heart and attitude is a wow moment!



It is only through love that we can communicate with higher worlds; the Hierarchy and Masters of Wisdom can only be reached through the fiery love of the beauty which They express. Imagine if we could all see how love is the flowing of essence between two centres which are magnetically related to each other.


Now, we know how difficult it is to be loving at all times when our world seems to be falling apart!


Why do we need all these qualities, if all it takes is just to be loving? On the other hand, if we just had intellect and no knowledge or love, imagine how much more selfish we would be. The intellect is very limited and often fails to solve our problems; in fact it leads us into further problems; knowing this may inspire us to rather cultivate not only the intellect, but all three aspects of our All-Self.


We need to use love to heal, unite, encourage, sacrifice, subliminate and transform, but if we do not have this love-nature, everything we know, own and are, will be used against our eternal interest and purpose. This means we have to put some effort into developing our love-nature, as we cannot use our psychic powers in the right way unless it is used with love! We should put ourselves through the test to see how much unconditional love we have for all living beings and other forms of consciousness!


As you increase the willpower inside you, you will no longer be the victim of blind urges, hatred, glamour, fear, slander, jealousy, revenge and glamours. Developing your willpower makes you a master of your lower nature, and once you master your will, you will never be the victim of separatism, greed, vanity, ego or illusions.


It does not help to preach and advise a person to ‘have willpower’; the only way is to help him by teaching him how to develop his will. This is why so many attempts to change behaviour by using suggestive hypnosis, do not work. The skilled practitioner must have knowledge of the Transpersonal side of the client in order to find the reason for the behaviour, addiction or dis-ease by using regression to the time when the trauma or event was first seated in the subconscious mind. The experience should be re-lived, all parties forgiven, and most important of all, bring an understanding of the purpose of the lesson learned up to the level of his conscious mind.


If the therapist can also teach the person how to develop the qualities of knowledge, love and willpower, the effects will be lasting, and not simply ‘band-aid’ hypnosis with temporary effects. It is thus irresponsible of a teacher to allow a therapist to take on the responsibility of another persons life after a mere five days of training as a ‘Hypnotherapist’ or often ‘Clinical Hypnotherapist’; we see this happening all over the world, where the therapist is merely trained in inducing a trance state and giving suggestions.


As we are made up of the three qualities of God, we have many, many challenges in our lifetimes in order to let go of the vices of each of these energies flowing through our bodies, until we can eventually develop the virtues leading us towards perfection.


Here, living in our physical body, we are only a fraction of who we really are. The little bit of consciousness that occupies this body and uses the physical brain can be compared to a spider web hanging from our soul. In modern language our soul can be seen as the main database or hard drive of our computer, where all is stored that happened in the past, with ‘computer chips’ called permanent atoms. As we come and go through many lifetimes, in each lifetime we attract mental, emotional/astral and physical atoms around us to form vehicles for us to use in the lower worlds; the quality depending on what is written in the permanent atom.


When starting out as a human being, there is very little knowledge, love and intellect written in the ‘database’ of our soul, and therefore very little ‘critical faculty’ available to help us to apply skills previously learned to the challenges of the current life.


Fortunately each one of us has a Solar Angel, also called the Transpersonal Self, who is a being that is much more advanced than us, and through great sacrifice, took on the task of leading this small part of us to make contact with our soul, also called the Higher Self. The Solar Angel tries to bring into our consciousness a sense of beauty and establish the rhythm of beauty within us, but before we can manifest beauty, we must expand our consciousness into the Soul consciousness. In the process of growing toward Soul consciousness, we manifest more beauty as we harmonize our life-expression with the existing archetypal beauties of love, until we are charged with a stream of beauty filling us with joy, peace and serenity.


There is only one path leading us to the deeper beauty that exists in our Spiritual Triad and beyond: the Soul calling us closer to the Divine Energy and the bliss of higher states of consciousness, beauty and unconditional love.


We may ask what all this has to do with love! A great teacher once said that “love is the ability to identify oneself with the life-aspect of manifestation”. Love-energy is the outstanding quality of our Solar Angel, but it is also the most important quality for us to develop before we can penetrate into the sphere of the Spiritual Triad. The ‘Spiritual Triad’ is that part of us that exist in higher spiritual planes; a place of absolute beauty and bliss. This higher quality of Love “is the magnetic force of the Soul Who attracts and heals”. Imagine what we as practitioners, artists, businessmen, teachers and labourers can achieve if we open ourselves to the divine guidance, love and energy of our Soul.


It is only when we move into a closer harmonious relationship with our Soul, that the energy of love and the expression of Love increase, as Love brings joy, creates harmony and gives life.


In the early days of our journey as a soul, we survive by creating a world of separatism around us; this is the time when we learn to develop and control our emotional/astral body in order to be able to use this body and freely move around the astral plane. When we are in control of the urges, emotions, greed, jealousy, hate, fear and selfishness, we learn to love.


Our Solar System is only the Physical plane of the seven Cosmic Planes, where we have the physical, astral/emotional, mental, buddhic/intuitional, atmic, monadic and divine/adi planes. Our lower nature has the bodies making up our personality: the physical, astral and lower mental, where we live through much suffering, until we overcome the challenges of each of these planes.


Most of humanity can only use the vehicles/bodies of the three lower planes of existence, but there comes a time when we overcome the emotions and needs of the astral/emotional body, the needs and wants of the physical, and the illusions, pride and selfishness of the lower mental plane. This is the time when we learn to love unconditionally, which is different from physical and sexual love & desire.



“….. Man can penetrate into the real mysteries of love only after he becomes a living Soul,
a new-born man, labouring for the Plan.
You can see such a love among the disciples of Christ and among those
who are really dedicated to the upliftment of humanity.”

The Flame of Beauty, Culture, Love, Joy, p.127:
Torkom Saraydarian.



Love is a characteristic of the Transpersonal Self; it is a love given without expectation and anticipation. The more love you give, the more joy you have. If you have any expectation when loving, know that it is not from your Soul, but from the lower personality that will always have a component of selfishness.


The Solar Angel provides us with opportunities and a ‘womb’ made from its own substance and other pure, loving and divine energies, to be ‘born again’ into higher states of consciousness. On the higher mental plane we find our Egoic lotus, which has twelve petals: three each of knowledge, love and sacrifice, and three hidden petals. Nothing that is selfish can reach the higher mental plane, and as we acquire knowledge, learn to truly love and offer ourselves through sacrifice to serve humanity, these petals slowly open like a beautiful flower. There comes a time when we can open the inner hidden petals, and our consciousness can reach the jewel in the lotus, which we can see during meditation as a perfect diamond.


This is the stage where the doors open for us and we are ‘given wings’ to be able to ‘fly’ to exotic higher worlds of love, beauty and bliss. Plato talks about this journey in the Myths of the Human Soul …. “but every soul that has passed her life in purity and moderation has the Gods for her companions and guides, and will dwell in a place befitting her”.


In The Myth of the Phaedrus, the “form” of the soul is compared by Socrates to a pair of winged steeds harnessed to a chariot and driven by a charioteer. “All soul takes care of all that is without soul, and traverses all heaven appearing at different times in different forms. When therefore she is perfect and winged she soars to the heights and governs the whole cosmos but when she loses her wings she is borne downward until she is brought up against something solid, in which she dwells taking an earthly body”


“But let us inquire of the cause of the loss of the wings and why the soul sheds them. It is in some such manner as this. The natural power of a wing is to raise up on high that which is heavy and bring it to that place where the race of the Gods dwells; and indeed among the parts of the body wings share most in the divine nature. But that which is divine is beautiful, wise and good and has every similar perfection. It is by such things, then, that the growth of the soul’s wing is chiefly nourished and increased but through the opposites of these, the base and the evil, the wing languishes and is destroyed.”


During the unfoldment of the bud petals of the Egoic lotus, which happens between the Third and Fourth Initiations, the concept of time is transcended and the awareness of man starts living in the Eternal Now. His knowledge is all still there, but it now belongs to eternity, and his love changes to a love that is total compassion. His sacrifice now becomes related to the Purpose and the Will of God. It is normal for the person now to develop the power of prophecy, because his awareness works in the Eternal Now, and he is able to see the formation of events of the three lower worlds. Here we are not talking about the lower psychic/clairvoyant who can only work in the astral plane and sees or hears ‘guides’ giving her information which is often distorted by both the ego of the guide and the psychic.


The true Prophet begins to function when he can focus his awareness on the Atmic and Monadic planes; once again it is through learning and living divine love, that he develops the wings and the willpower with fearlessness to push him up these wonderful worlds of joy, bliss and beauty. In these worlds we learn the true meaning of love, as we retain our individuality, but our consciousness and energies blend with those of others and we can work in group-consciousness.


We must remember that the love of the higher worlds is fire. Imagine an energy that is so pure that it can burn away anything that is not love. It does not matter how educated we are or how many degrees we have, but if we do not purify the bodies, it will take much longer to find ourselves functioning in the higher worlds of bliss, beauty and love. Once we can consciously work in the Egoic Lotus on the higher mental plane, we can use the higher energies to bring great changes in ourselves and in the world as a whole.


There comes a time when the person serves to illuminate people and the world, he will be able to transcend the lower worlds and stand in the centre of the Spiritual Triad; through this move he liberates himself from the limitations of time and space. If we could see in those worlds, we would see that the person who attains this achievement appears as a Rainbow or as a radioactive Diamond – truly beauty beyond our imagination!


Love energy is the gift of our solar system! Our goal is to understand this beautiful energy in all its manifestations and forms, thereby fulfilling the supreme goal of our life in this solar system. The failures of this solar system are those who replace love with knowledge. It is only possible for us to understand this love in its threefold power through unfolding the three love petals of our Chalice and using the Love Energy.


Our journey is long! During these millions of years we learn many types of love and also the pain that goes with physical, emotional and mental ‘loving’. On the other hand, we sometimes create deep spiritual bonds with other souls during our journeys! If only we all had eyes to see the intricacies of the interwoven energies between souls who have shared many experiences between lifetimes. Often these people have shared many lifetimes which, together with their own development of pure love and the circulation of the fire of the higher worlds, learned to work together as ‘one’.


They would often meet in a physical life, and may not be romantically involved, but will recognize each other through the immense soul love that they feel. There is a trust and safety in such a bond, and naturally they would like to spend time together to bathe in the light and beauty of the bliss, joy and love-energy that they have combined through thousands of years of serving humanity and serving each other. These people often feel very sad and lonely, not knowing what and who they are searching for, and will only know who they are once they find that other part of themselves. The same may apply to groups that we worked with in the past .....


...........may you be blessed to find those that you made agreements with to serve humanity in a very special way according to God's Plan for humanity at this very special time ... always striving to learn more love, beauty, joy and bliss.



Love is the Source of All,

but ….

Never forget your own Individuality

Teacher in Atlantis

Article by
Dr. Trudie Bartholomew